Explosions Over, Yay

I don’t like loud holidays. I get nervous about all those explosions. There were random fireworks going off during the day today, too. At least they finished earlier last night than they do on New Year’s Eve!

My baby girl is having a bad flare 🙁 She was going to a Braves game with friends earlier this week, but it had to be rescheduled because of some conflict in another family. So they were going to go tonight, but she’s been in bed or wandering around looking like Ophelia all day. Migraine, fibro stuff, nasty allergy stuff–the works. I always feel like I should be able to make it better, and I can’t.

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One thought on “Explosions Over, Yay

  1. I won’t at all be surprised if we have pops and bangs again tonight. It rained Friday and Saturday nights, so folks didn’t have enough time to set all all their fireworks.

    **gentle hugs for the KatieKat**

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