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Thank Goddess That’s Over

This was, offi­cial­ly, the Day of Dri­ving All Over Atlanta. Since Sam did all of the dri­ving, and I actu­al­ly only had to go to one of the five sched­uled appoint­ments, it’s ridicu­lous that I’m even tired. My poor sweet­ie is exhaust­ed!

We’ve all seen our respec­tive health care providers, though, and Katie did most of the paper­work she need­ed to do at the last stop—then real­ized that her learn­er’s per­mit expired, and they required a gov­ern­ment ID, so we have to go renew it and go back to that place yet again.

She has­n’t moved on to the dri­ver’s license because her neu­rol­o­gist ordered “no more dri­ving” just a few months after she got the learn­er’s per­mit due to her severe migraines and sleep/fatigue prob­lems. Despite hav­ing tak­en dri­ving lessons and all, she’ll prob­a­bly have to start all over again when­ev­er the doc­tor releas­es her for that. It’s a very good thing we chose to move to a coun­ty that’s served by MARTA a few years ago!

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