Thank Goddess That’s Over

This was, officially, the Day of Driving All Over Atlanta. Since Sam did all of the driving, and I actually only had to go to one of the five scheduled appointments, it’s ridiculous that I’m even tired. My poor sweetie is exhausted!

We’ve all seen our respective health care providers, though, and Katie did most of the paperwork she needed to do at the last stop—then realized that her learner’s permit expired, and they required a government ID, so we have to go renew it and go back to that place yet again.

She hasn’t moved on to the driver’s license because her neurologist ordered “no more driving” just a few months after she got the learner’s permit due to her severe migraines and sleep/fatigue problems. Despite having taken driving lessons and all, she’ll probably have to start all over again whenever the doctor releases her for that. It’s a very good thing we chose to move a few years ago to a county that’s served by MARTA!

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