Adult: FMS from What?

I have a Google Alerts search going for “fibromyalgia,” because if there’s something out there that will make this crap better, I want to know it yesterday. The alert brings in all sorts of nonsense from quack remedies to naysayers, in addition to the actual content.

Today’s alert takes the cake, though. Somebody wrote to Dan Savage’s Savage Love column asking, “Can I Sue Somebody for Fisting-Induced Fibromyalgia?”1,savage,79044,24.html

Savage’s medical expert is out of touch regarding the latest FMS research, but I have to agree with his reply to the letter-writer.

Sam and I tried to game a little tonight, but he was sleepy and I’m fading, too. I did some writing today, and more webifying, and worked on a couple of school assignments. Then I got all-too-obsessed with trying to figure out how to make the output of a couple of WordPress plugins work nicely with my template.

I hope y’all had a lovely weekend!

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3 thoughts on “Adult: FMS from What?

  1. I had really really good luck following the program in Stop Being Your Symptoms and Start Being Yourself. The authors are chronic pain doctors who have developed essentially a cognitive behavioral therapy program to help you.

    They did NOT assert that people make up their symptoms, but focusing on symptoms DOES make them worse. So it’s helpful for folks from hypochondriacs to FM to cancer patients.

    This doesn’t mean much to you but … unlike just about any other nonfiction book, I plan to read it again and follow the program again in a few months.

    I honestly don’t know which helps me more: the principles in this book or the huperzine A.

  2. I don’t know what strikes me as weirder – that someone actually thinks fisting could have caused fibro, or that the person was writing to Dan Savage for an attorney suggestion.

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