Adult: FMS from What?

I have a Google Alerts search going for “fibromyal­gia,” because if there’s some­thing out there that will make this crap bet­ter, I want to know it yes­ter­day. The alert brings in all sorts of non­sense from quack reme­dies to naysay­ers, in addi­tion to the actu­al content.

Today’s alert takes the cake, though. Some­body wrote to Dan Sav­age’s Sav­age Love col­umn ask­ing, “Can I Sue Some­body for Fist­ing-Induced Fibromyal­gia?“1,savage,79044,24.html

Sav­age’s med­ical expert is out of touch regard­ing the lat­est FMS research, but I have to agree with his reply to the letter-writer.

Sam and I tried to game a lit­tle tonight, but he was sleepy and I’m fad­ing, too. I did some writ­ing today, and more web­i­fy­ing, and worked on a cou­ple of school assign­ments. Then I got all-too-obsessed with try­ing to fig­ure out how to make the out­put of a cou­ple of Word­Press plu­g­ins work nice­ly with my template.

I hope y’all had a love­ly weekend!

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3 thoughts on “Adult: FMS from What?

  1. I had real­ly real­ly good luck fol­low­ing the pro­gram in Stop Being Your Symp­toms and Start Being Your­self. The authors are chron­ic pain doc­tors who have devel­oped essen­tial­ly a cog­ni­tive behav­ioral ther­a­py pro­gram to help you.

    They did NOT assert that peo­ple make up their symp­toms, but focus­ing on symp­toms DOES make them worse. So it’s help­ful for folks from hypochon­dri­acs to FM to can­cer patients.

    This does­n’t mean much to you but … unlike just about any oth­er non­fic­tion book, I plan to read it again and fol­low the pro­gram again in a few months.

    I hon­est­ly don’t know which helps me more: the prin­ci­ples in this book or the huperzine A.

  2. I don’t know what strikes me as weird­er — that some­one actu­al­ly thinks fist­ing could have caused fibro, or that the per­son was writ­ing to Dan Sav­age for an attor­ney suggestion.

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