A Cappella Music, Babylon5, and Firefly, Oh My!

This afternoon, I opened the blinds on the windows behind my chair, thinking it would draw Kioshi off the monitor (his tail kept obscuring the screen) to look out the windows. Nope. He turned around, so at least his tail wasn’t in the way, but he was inordinately pleased with himself because he could then survey his world from his nice, warm perch.

I download a ridiculous number of podcasts, then forget to listen to them. I can’t find my MP3 player, and it’s tiny anyway (512k), so it doesn’t hold much. Sam has the same kind, and he gets by, but he’s more motivated: it keeps him sane while he’s “out there” every day. I normally take the lazy way out and listen to Pandora or Last.FM.

For some reason, I thought about the podcasts today as I reached for my headphones. I opened iTunes and clicked on the first thing I saw: Acapodcast. Good stuff. I need to do this more often.

Sam and I watched the first DVD of Babylon 5 – The Lost Tales tonight. The first half—woof! I never expected such heavy-handed proselytizing from JMS, and I’m disappointed. The second episode was better but highly predictable. The backgrounds in both episodes looked flat and unbelievable. It was also extremely obvious that they were using as few sets as possible. I seem to recall reading somewhere that all of the original sets were destroyed, so I understand that they were working under some constraints. Still, the original show never had a big budget, and there have been significant advances in technology since that time, so again, I’m disappointed. I’m glad we got this disc from Netflix, rather than buying it!

I also finished reading that Firefly-related graphic novel, Serenity: Those Left Behind, it did, technically, fill some gaps between the end of the series and the beginning of the movie. It didn’t answer any questions, though, and most of it felt terribly rushed. Some of the dialogue was even recycled from the series! I can’t imagine how anybody who bought this thing as three separate comic books could have been pleased. I’m fairly sure that comic books were longer than that when I was a kid.

On a happier note, Sam made fajitas tonight, which will provide several days of yumminess. The girl is home now after having fun with some of her friends, so I’m off to join the Sambear in bed.

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One thought on “A Cappella Music, Babylon5, and Firefly, Oh My!

  1. Mmm…. fajitas…. 🙂

    Turns out my library has Those Left Behind, so I’m going to give it a go. It may not answer any questions, but it’s a way to be in that universe for a while; that alone is worth getting it from the library 🙂

    I have a terrible little freebie MP3 play, so I don’t use it – I’ve been listening to podcasts on my Treo. One of these days I’ll actually get it turned on as a phone.

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