Happy Wednesday!

Sam and I had a very nice date night while Katie was out with her beau. He had start­ed mak­ing chili last night, fin­ished it tonight, and added corn muffins. I’m not a big fan of chili (I won’t eat it if Sam did­n’t make it), but it was a very sat­is­fy­ing meal.

The girl is doing very well in the online course she’s tak­ing, and I’m hap­py to say that my semes­ter is going well, too. It’s hard to believe that my baby will like­ly start col­lege cours­es this sum­mer or fall!

I haven’t talked as much about read­ing late­ly, since I’ve been busier doing school stuff. I did, how­ev­er, fin­ish books two and three of Julie Ken­ner’s demon-hunt­ing soc­cer mom series (thanks again, Hope!). I fin­ished Kit­ty & the Sil­ver Bul­let by Car­rie Vaughn a cou­ple of days ago, then read Dates from Hell, an anthol­o­gy, yesterday.

I espe­cial­ly enjoyed Kel­ley Arm­strong’s novel­la, Chaot­ic, but Undead in the Gar­den of Good and Evil by Kim Har­ri­son was awful­ly good, too. Lori Han­de­land’s Dead Man Dat­ing and Lyn­say Sands’ The Claire Switch Project were just too romance‑y for my tastes, but that seems to hap­pen with at least one or two sto­ries in every anthology.

Read­ing the lat­est in Mon­i­ca Fer­ris’ Needle­craft Mys­ter­ies, Knit­ting Bones, got me feel­ing all stitchy. 

Now I’m on to anoth­er anthol­o­gy, Hol­i­days Are Hell. I know that I like Kim Har­ri­son and Vic­ki Pet­tersson’s work, I’ll prob­a­bly give Lyn­say Sands one more chance, and I haven’t read any­thing by Mar­jorie M. Liu before that I recall. 

I start­ed to read Yel­low Eyes by John Ringo, then real­ized that it’s book eight of the Posleen War series, and I missed books six and sev­en. Now nine is out! So I’ll be putting in more library requests, then com­ing back to that one.

I’ve also got Those Left Behind, a graph­ic nov­el that’s sup­posed to bridge the gap between the Fire­fly series and the movie, Seren­i­ty. I don’t nor­mal­ly read graph­ic nov­els, but this seems to be the only way to get that sto­ry, so I’ll give it a chance and hope it’s decent.

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One thought on “Happy Wednesday!

  1. My plea­sure 🙂 I’m hap­py to be a book enabler!

    I fin­ished read­ing Bit­ten recent­ly. It was­n’t as good as I expect­ed. Then again, I had pret­ty high expec­ta­tions after read­ing Exit Strat­e­gy. It did­n’t help she used a trope that invari­ably piss­es me off — the nice guy who gets shaft­ed for the high crime of being the nice guy in love with the same woman as the bad boy. It’s fun­ny, though, my room­mate read Phillip very dif­fer­ent­ly than I did. It’s a great exam­ple of how what you bring to a work effects how you expe­ri­ence it.

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