Happy Wednesday!

Sam and I had a very nice date night while Katie was out with her beau. He had started making chili last night, finished it tonight, and added corn muffins. I’m not a big fan of chili (I won’t eat it if Sam didn’t make it), but it was a very satisfying meal.

The girl is doing very well in the online course she’s taking, and I’m happy to say that my semester is going well, too. It’s hard to believe that my baby will likely start college courses this summer or fall!

I haven’t talked as much about reading lately, since I’ve been busier doing school stuff. I did, however, finish books two and three of Julie Kenner’s demon-hunting soccer mom series (thanks again, Hope!). I finished Kitty & the Silver Bullet by Carrie Vaughn a couple of days ago, then read Dates from Hell, an anthology, yesterday.

I especially enjoyed Kelley Armstrong’s novella, Chaotic, but Undead in the Garden of Good and Evil by Kim Harrison was awfully good, too. Lori Handeland’s Dead Man Dating and Lynsay Sands’ The Claire Switch Project were just too romance-y for my tastes, but that seems to happen with at least one or two stories in every anthology.

Reading the latest in Monica Ferris’ Needlecraft Mysteries, Knitting Bones, got me feeling all stitchy.

Now I’m on to another anthology, Holidays Are Hell. I know that I like Kim Harrison and Vicki Pettersson’s work, I’ll probably give Lynsay Sands one more chance, and I haven’t read anything by Marjorie M. Liu before that I recall.

I started to read Yellow Eyes by John Ringo, then realized that it’s book eight of the Posleen War series, and I missed books six and seven. Now nine is out! So I’ll be putting in more library requests, then coming back to that one.

I’ve also got Those Left Behind, a graphic novel that’s supposed to bridge the gap between the Firefly series and the movie, Serenity. I don’t normally read graphic novels, but this seems to be the only way to get that story, so I’ll give it a chance and hope it’s decent.

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One thought on “Happy Wednesday!

  1. My pleasure 🙂 I’m happy to be a book enabler!

    I finished reading Bitten recently. It wasn’t as good as I expected. Then again, I had pretty high expectations after reading Exit Strategy. It didn’t help she used a trope that invariably pisses me off – the nice guy who gets shafted for the high crime of being the nice guy in love with the same woman as the bad boy. It’s funny, though, my roommate read Phillip very differently than I did. It’s a great example of how what you bring to a work effects how you experience it.

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