Happy Thursday!

shadowkatt and sambear went tried to get to the Y again today, although both of them were dragging badly. Unfortunately, they ran out of time due to appointments that were scheduled too closely (my bad).

Sam was so exhausted yesterday that he was completely unconscious before 8 pm! Unfortunately, that led to a middle-of-the-night period of insomnia.

The kitten had her first physical therapy session, followed by an allergy shot. She was supposed to go see her general doctor, but that got canceled.

My hero drove up to Rome to get an official transcript for me, then hand-delivered it to the director of financial aid at SPSU. The obstructionist secretary attempted to take it away from him, but he persisted and was victorious.

There’s still no guarantee that I’ll get my financial aid in the next week (it’s several weeks late now, thanks to their screw-ups), but the transcript should supposedly clear the current hurdle.

Sam was so sweet. He dropped Katie off to see a movie, because she was dressed in black head-to-toe, and was wilting badly.

Oh—did I mention that the A/C in the car isn’t working? And that the driver’s side window isn’t working anymore, so Sam can’t even get a decent breeze now? The repairs are awaiting the financial aid check—along with many other things.

curiousmay9 is competing with ga_sunshine for the top of my, “You did what? You’re supposed to be resting!” list.

And I just learned that Sparks, the fat orange cat with an oral fixation, really likes my hand lotion. I mean really likes it. She tried to lick my arm raw just now.

Current Mood: 😴tired
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