“School Days, School Days, Good Old Golden Rule Days”

Is that how the lyric goes? I know, I can Google it. I should be in bed. If I get any­where near a lyric archive, I’ll get sucked in and there’s no promise that I’ll get any sleep at all! That’s impor­tant, as I have my first class tomor­row! It should real­ly be some­thing that I […]

Quote of the Day, Happy Half-Hour

“We wor­ry about what a child will be tomor­row, yet we for­get that he is some­one today.” — Sta­cia Tausch­er, quot­ed in The Change Your Life Chal­lenge by Brooke Noel. One of Noel’s sug­ges­tions is to have a reg­u­lar “hap­py half-hour” with your fam­i­ly. Set up fresh fruit or oth­er healthy snacks, pour cups of […]

In Dallas? Wear your seat belt!

Being hauled out of school in hand­cuffs because of a $50 seat-belt tick­et was bad enough for Lan­cast­er High School music teacher There­sa Dobbs. She had no idea what was yet to come. That seat belt tick­et — the only blem­ish on her dri­ving record — would result in a har­row­ing three-day stay in a crowd­ed holding […]

Poetry: To be of use

On a much, much bet­ter note…this set­tles it. Marge Pier­cy’s life work has to go on my wish list. To be of use  –Marge Pier­cy From Cir­cles on the Water The peo­ple I love the best jump into work head first with­out dal­ly­ing in the shal­lows and swim off with sure strokes almost out of sight. They seem to become natives […]

Maybe it’s just me

But does any­body else think it’s just a bit tacky for my moth­er to want me to come over and cel­e­brate my father and broth­er’s birth­days when I can’t even remem­ber how many years it’s been since they’ve cel­e­brat­ed mine in any way? She has the gall to be pis­sy because I said no, and […]

Empowered by a microphone

I gave myself a gift today: a head­set with my very own micro­phone for the pod­cast. It isn’t as fan­cy as the one that I was using, which is my part­ner’s Very Nice (read: intim­i­dat­ing) micro­phone. That one, though, sits on the desk­top on its own stand. I know this sounds piti­ful, but I have […]

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