Empowered by a microphone

I gave myself a gift today: a head­set with my very own micro­phone for the podcast.

It isn’t as fan­cy as the one that I was using, which is my part­ner’s Very Nice (read: intim­i­dat­ing) micro­phone. That one, though, sits on the desk­top on its own stand. I know this sounds piti­ful, but I have trou­ble stay­ing with­in the prop­er range of it because my voice is soft. I have to lean over and up from the chair I’m in, and even then I end up feel­ing as if I’ve had to near­ly shout to record a pod­cast, which takes far more ener­gy than sim­ply speak­ing nor­mal­ly and is very stress­ful, to boot!

That removes one of the main bar­ri­ers to get­ting pod­casts out on a reg­u­lar basis. The next is that Sam pro­duces the show for me, but he has a full-time job and is much busier than I am out­side the home. Do I dare release the show unedit­ed, brain fog effects and all? What do y’all think?

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3 thoughts on “Empowered by a microphone

  1. I real­ly quite like my head­set micro­phone. One of these days I’ll get around to fin­ish­ing record­ing “The Snow Queen”.

    As for your pod­casts — Maybe record one, leave it alone for a day or two, then lis­ten to it again to decide if it’s okay to just toss it out into the ether? I find Audac­i­ty makes it very easy to basic sound edit­ing, and it prob­a­bly makes less than basic stuff easy too, I’ve just been to intim­i­dat­ed to try. 

    As for being empow­ered by a micro­phone — run with what­ev­er works. Some­times some­thing as sim­ple as a piece of jew­el­ry helps me drag the day from unbear­able into being a good day.

  2. One thing I’ve been mean­ing to do is vol­un­teer to record some books for Lib­rivox, and this makes that far more like­ly. It’s one kind of vol­un­teer work I can actu­al­ly do with my cur­rent ener­gy level.

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