Empowered by a microphone

I gave myself a gift today: a headset with my very own microphone for the podcast.

It isn’t as fancy as the one that I was using, which is my partner’s Very Nice (read: intimidating) microphone. That one, though, sits on the desktop on its own stand. I know this sounds pitiful, but I have trouble staying within the proper range of it because my voice is soft. I have to lean over and up from the chair I’m in, and even then I end up feeling as if I’ve had to nearly shout to record a podcast, which takes far more energy than simply speaking normally and is very stressful, to boot!

That removes one of the main barriers to getting podcasts out on a regular basis. The next is that Sam produces the show for me, but he has a full-time job and is much busier than I am outside the home. Do I dare release the show unedited, brain fog effects and all? What do y’all think?

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3 thoughts on “Empowered by a microphone

  1. I really quite like my headset microphone. One of these days I’ll get around to finishing recording “The Snow Queen”.

    As for your podcasts – Maybe record one, leave it alone for a day or two, then listen to it again to decide if it’s okay to just toss it out into the ether? I find Audacity makes it very easy to basic sound editing, and it probably makes less than basic stuff easy too, I’ve just been to intimidated to try.

    As for being empowered by a microphone – run with whatever works. Sometimes something as simple as a piece of jewelry helps me drag the day from unbearable into being a good day.

  2. One thing I’ve been meaning to do is volunteer to record some books for Librivox, and this makes that far more likely. It’s one kind of volunteer work I can actually do with my current energy level.

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