“School Days, School Days, Good Old Golden Rule Days”

Is that how the lyric goes? I know, I can Google it. I should be in bed. If I get anywhere near a lyric archive, I’ll get sucked in and there’s no promise that I’ll get any sleep at all!

That’s important, as I have my first class tomorrow! It should really be something that I could sleep through, honestly, as the school insists that I take “Computer Applications” in preparation for my other courses. Despite the fact that I have used the MS Office suite for years (well before it was a suite, or ran in Windows!), and have trained countless others to use Word and Excel, I haven’t had any formal training in using the applications. Because I can’t show any college work that proves that I can use the applications, I have to take the course like everyone else.

I’m trying to think of it as an easy A, but that never works out on these things that I feel I should be able to comp. Did you know that if you know a program so well that using keyboard shortcuts is second nature to you, the computerized tests used by temp agencies and the like will decide that you don’t actually know the software very well? They’re looking for an exact series of mouse clicks, not keyboard shortcuts. I have this dreadful fear that the course will use computerized testing in this course, and there will be problems like that.

Anyway, on a brighter note, after I’ve taken that class, I’ll be able to log in and start work on my other class’s assignments. It actually started Tuesday, but I wasn’t enrolled until Wednesday. The school’s computer systems don’t officially “know” a student ’til she has swiped her student ID through the attendance whatsis in a classroom at least once. Very frustrating. I’ve been trying to get into that system since I was registered, and nobody actually figured out why I couldn’t do so ’til late today. I’ve yet to get anyone to tell me how to contact the professor, either, as the idea of just talking to the human (and I assume there is one) to ask about assignments seemed an outrageous notion in that world of ultra-computerization.

The other class is definitely going to stretch me. I’ve never taken a statistics course before. It’s been, um, nearly 20 years since I took ANY math class. Please don’t tell me any hellish stories about that subject, as I’m nervous enough already. If, however, you understand this stuff and are willing and able to help me, for goodness’ sake, speak up! Any help is much appreciated!

I’ve still got to go through the joy of working with the disabilities office. I did meet the coordinator, though, and she seemed downright friendly. That was such a shock that I could hardly remember the questions I needed to ask her! (Good argument for always writing them down ahead of time.)

I am going to have to upgrade my computer, as every course at this school is partly online. The minimum technical requirements start with a processor and video that put my much-loved little laptop to shame. I’m unclear as to what they’re expecting to do with all that power. It isn’t as if my major is one that involves CAD or anything of that sort. I’m rather annoyed. The geek in me, of course, is thrilled. The rest of me says, “We can’t afford that!” It’ll mean going back to a desktop, most likely.

It isn’t as though my parents were paying the first time around, so they aren’t going to help now, either. Anybody wanna adopt me to send me to school? You’ll get the world’s most marvelous granddaughter, and she’s old enough that you wouldn’t be asked to babysit, even.

Yes, I’m only taking two classes. I’m trying to be more reasonable about pacing and taking care of myself this time. Maybe I won’t end up with pneumonia again 🙂 And to that end, I’m off to bed now.

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  1. I’ve found if I take a deep breath, assume I can learn anything, and do all the homework, I do pretty well with math classes. Statistics, as I recall, usually has real world applications, which usually helps me get a topic. Good luck with your classes!

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