What’s the Opposite of Speed? Slowth?

We’re supposed to have the highest-speed residential service available from Comcast, darn it. I will say that the service is much faster than anything we ever got on DSL.

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2 thoughts on “What’s the Opposite of Speed? Slowth?

  1. I was testing our downloads when we were transitioning between Comcast and our DSL last week. We were maxing 2500kbps on DSL, if I recall correctly. On Comcast, we have had bursts of download speeds up 10,000 kbps, but it’s usually about 6,000, I just got a read of 7,599, but I’ve never seen an upload like that! ;p Mine have never been over 250.

  2. I tested the speed of Broadband connection using the site internet-speed-test/

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