What Happened to Zooomr?

Does anybody know what happened to Zooomr? They started out as a promising competitor to Flickr, and I recall hearing good things about their API. Katie, Sam, and I joined back in 2006 when they were giving away free, lifetime Pro accounts.

I had linked to a photo on their servers in an old blog post, and noticed today that the link was broken. I logged in and found that my account is un-Pro now, though Katie’s and Sam’s seem to have retained their Pro status. All of my photos and my profile info are gone. Katie’s profile is blank. She seems to have one photo there, but I can’t open it. Sam has a few photos, but again, I can’t open them.

I emailed tech support, but I was thinking maybe someone else had heard something about the company that might be helpful. I did notice that they seem to be associated with Zoho, and when you email tech support a copy goes to a “feedback” address at a .jp (Japanese) domain. Their “help” info resides on a Zoho wiki, which was down when I tried to access it. (I can’t get to anything at Zoho, in fact—glad I don’t rely on them!)

Crunchbase seems to consider Zooomr a going concern.

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4 thoughts on “What Happened to Zooomr?

  1. Pretty sure they’re still active. They aren’t associated with Zoho, though — Zoho has a wiki component that anybody can use.

    You might want to try the Zooomr forums, instead.

  2. Cynthia : Apologies from Zoho.

    When Zooomr Mark III was about be released, Zooomr had some issues and Zoho & Sun supported them by donating servers.

    Zooomr’s help documentation is hosted on Zoho Wiki. Zoho Wiki is currently undergoing a system upgrade and hence all the wikis hosted on Zoho Wiki aren’t accessible. Zoho Wiki will up soon (in an hour max). All the rest of the Zoho services are working fine now.

    Do tell us which Zoho service you aren’t able to access, the browser name/version that you are using & error messages displayed if any. We’ll make sure you get to access Zoho.

  3. Hi there, thanks for blogging about Zooomr!

    It’s been awhile since 2006 and we’ve done a number of things to improve our service. You can email me personally if you would like help regarding your accounts (kris.tate@gmail.com).

    As for the Japanese domain name, we’re growing here in Japan, as well. We have a good following here.


    The Zoho wiki is out of date, please try out knowledge center instead:


    I hope that this comment helps, and again, please feel free to email me.

    kristopher tate
    cto & founder – zooomr

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