What Happened to Zooomr?

Does any­body know what hap­pened to Zooomr? They start­ed out as a promis­ing com­peti­tor to Flickr, and I recall hear­ing good things about their API. Katie, Sam, and I joined back in 2006 when they were giv­ing away free, life­time Pro accounts. 

I had linked to a pho­to on their servers in an old blog post, and noticed today that the link was bro­ken. I logged in and found that my account is un-Pro now, though Katie’s and Sam’s seem to have retained their Pro sta­tus. All of my pho­tos and my pro­file info are gone. Katie’s pro­file is blank. She seems to have one pho­to there, but I can’t open it. Sam has a few pho­tos, but again, I can’t open them.

I emailed tech sup­port, but I was think­ing maybe some­one else had heard some­thing about the com­pa­ny that might be help­ful. I did notice that they seem to be asso­ci­at­ed with Zoho, and when you email tech sup­port a copy goes to a “feed­back” address at a .jp (Japan­ese) domain. Their “help” info resides on a Zoho wiki, which was down when I tried to access it. (I can’t get to any­thing at Zoho, in fact — glad I don’t rely on them!)

Crunch­base seems to con­sid­er Zooomr a going con­cern.