I’m a Student! But Still a Crip, Too

Well, I’m officially in school and off to a running limping start.

I made it to my statistics class on Tuesday, but only after a nasty fall. I was only about 20 minutes late, and the professor was more than understanding. I was utterly lost for the first part of the class, but by the end of it, I felt very comfortable. I can do this.

My body took over on Wednesday, though. I slept all day, despite alarms and phone calls. Seriously—I did not wake at all until after 2:30 or so, and I believe that was because my bladder and need for pain meds finally won out over the need for more rest. So much for the weekly blood test appointment at 11. I didn’t get much homework done through the rest of the day, either, though I did try. Hopefully eating the whole day is enough to appease the fibromyalgia demon.

So today has been given over to doing all of the week’s assignments for tomorrow’s course, Comp100. That’s the “learn to use Windows, Word, and Excel” class that’s required for everyone at this school. I’m really annoyed at having to take it at all. There are lots of little assignments, and while I know this stuff inside, even makework takes time.

Right now, I’m taking a dinner break. I deserve that much.

The biggest challenge of that course (other than following the *exact* directions rather than doing things in more efficient ways) is that the textbook is too bloody big and heavy. I had problems with that at my last school, too. I need a serious bookstand because holding these big texts really is a physical challenge for me. They’re increasing my pain, which makes it hard for me to focus on reading the assignments.

In happier news, my admissions “advocate” called me today to tell me that the transcript evaluators had revised their opinion of my credits and given me another 13 credits! So I’m another semester closer to graduating. I think that puts me fairly close to senior level, which means more financial aid eligibility.

Katie and I have fallen into a pattern of doing our homework together every day. That’s nice, and it helps a lot with my missing the time we spent together homeschooling.

I’m hoping that I can get caught up and stay there by the end of this weekend, and then have time to breathe and do fun things again. This is just a half-time schedule, so I really need to build a lot more stamina before I try to add two more classes next semester!

Do you know what I want? A trike. Really. A great big trike with a nice big basket. I think I could ride to school near as fast as I could get there on MARTA. I might have to spend the night there before I could ride back home, but give me some time and surely I’d build up some kind of stamina again. Eventually.

I know how to ride a bicycle, certainly, but my balance has gone to heck thanks to the FMS and I don’t recover from falls well, so I’ll give in and ask the universe for a three-wheeler. Surely they’re less expensive than the scooter I need, right?

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