Poetry: Standard Plumbing

Stan­dard Plumbing
–Marie Harris
From Weasel in the Turkey Pan

Plumb­ing sup­ply places, like auto parts stores, have long
coun­ters with bar stools for the cus­tomers. When I came in, the
man behind the counter was telling a sto­ry about the time he
and his friends had decid­ed to cel­e­brate get­ting home from
Viet­nam and had bought a lot of Scotch and giv­en one bot­tle to
a wino who drank half of it all at once and dropped dead.
Then the man, with Wal­ter stitched on his shirt, asked what he
could do for me and I told him I had come to buy a toi­let, the
cheap­est, most basic toi­let they had. He want­ed to know if I
was putting it in one of my apart­ments or some­thing and I said
no, it was for my own house and I was, odd­ly enough, buying
a toi­let for the first time because we were installing indoor
plumb­ing. The oth­er hous­es I’d lived in had always come with
toi­lets and I’d nev­er giv­en much thought to choos­ing one,
though today I’d kind of decid­ed I want­ed bone, not white. So,
in the process of get­ting the bowl and the tank and the seat and
some pipes and gas­kets from the ware­house, we got to talking
about our out­hous­es and he allowed as how the one he had in
Flori­da when he was kid in the fifties had­n’t been all that
bad, except for the bugs and some­times a snake, and we both
agreed that there are times out there when you see things from
an unusu­al van­tage, for instance: that view of the night sky in
win­ter is unparalleled.

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