Opinions Sought: Glucose Monitors

I’m going back on glu­cophage to man­age poly­cys­tic ovar­i­an syn­drome. I’ve been on it in the past with good results.

Now, though, pos­si­ble inter­ac­tions with oth­er med­ica­tions mean that I’ll have to mon­i­tor my glu­cose levels.

Hav­ing nev­er done that, I looked at mon­i­tors. I’m some­what bewil­dered by the vari­ety of them, so I’m ask­ing y’all for input.

If you or an imme­di­ate fam­i­ly member/close friend uses a glu­cose mon­i­tor, tell me about your expe­ri­ences. What should I avoid? What fea­tures are important?

I want it to be as sim­ple and fast as pos­si­ble to do this, so I don’t end up pro­cras­ti­nat­ing or being annoyed because it takes too much time.

Thank you!

Edit: A cou­ple of years ago, twochic­sinbham had a mon­i­tor that was real­ly easy to use. It popped the used lancets into a lit­tle car­tridge for safe dis­pos­al — you did­n’t ever have to han­dle them. I wish I knew what that one was!

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