Oh Yeah…

Something said in reprobayt‘s journal reminded me of this recent incident. I’d meant to mention it and got all distracted with life. Poor readers, I’m going to inflict it on you now!

Sam and I wanted Philly Cheese Steaks a few weeks back, but the restaurant was way too crowded and looked really noisy—not inviting. So he went in to get food for us, while I stayed in the car.

A woman came out with her baby boy, hanging out on the sidewalk to have a smoke. I flirted with the little boy, who had just gotten walking down, apparently. He was a real cutie but kept wanting to run out into the parking lot or try to climb in the car with me. Momma, who might have been 20 years old, wasn’t terribly concerned with the boy.

Now, I had noticed that her skirt really should have been considered a broad belt. It was just barely hitting the VERY tops of her thighs. I was too enamored with (and concerned about) the baby to really pay more attention than that.

Sam wasn’t so—well, lucky? As he was coming out of the restaurant, she bent over to do something. Apparently, she forgot her underwear that day, because she showed a whole restaurant full of people everything that skirt barely hid.

If somebody is going to get that exhibitionistic, she should spring for the Brazilian wax. I’m just sayin’.

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