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SQUEE! More Plants!

First, I got another great big pot of Purple Wandering Jew last night and hung it up in the kitchen.

Then a pot of Golden Pothos and something else identified as GP that isn’t leapt into my basket at Home Depot today. They have them for $8 for VERY lush hanging pots, which is great.

A smaller pot of Aloe came home with Katie, and 2 different kinds of Angel plants are now potted.

Three of my pots weren’t doing so well, and they’re now in just one pot, designated the sick ward.

And today we got more of our Territorial Seed order, seed potatoes, and the “kitchen garden collection #4.”

I want to dig everything out of the big outside pots and plant something lush in them. They have to be low-maintenance plants that don’t need much light, as the front porch is always shaded. I’d prefer stuff that’s colorful, but I could also hang some baskets out there—if I can find flowers that will grow in them in the shade.

I still need to get my birdfeeders hung up in the back, too. Couldn’t hurt to have some out front as well, could it?

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