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Note to self: NEVER plan any social event here with­out sched­ul­ing a vis­it from the maids right before­hand.

Any­way, curiousmay9 and I went to Sears last night and bought our new stove! It will be deliv­ered and installed tomorrow. 

It’s anoth­er elec­tric, but it’s got a sealed top which makes it much eas­i­er to clean. It also has a huge oven, five burn­ers, and oth­er nice fea­tures. AND—the oven is self-cleaning!

We’ll get a gas stove with a con­vec­tion oven when we do the kitchen ren­o­va­tion. For now, this is a major improve­ment over the one we had.

I got to actu­al­ly touch a Room­ba for the first time while we were there. They did­n’t have them run­ning, unfor­tu­nate­ly. They did have two dif­fer­ent mod­els, though. The more expen­sive one scoots itself back to its charg­ing base when it needs juice. Impor­tant safe­ty fea­ture: the “cliff sen­sor” keeps it from falling down the stairs.

It also has a remote con­trol, which caused me to think, “Ooo! A new way to tor­ment the critters!”

I want one for each floor, but I’ll be very tick­led with one, period.

The Sears employ­ees had the most lack­adaisi­cal atti­tudes I have ever encoun­tered in peo­ple sell­ing big-tick­et items. Per­haps they don’t get com­mis­sions? I had to hunt down a salesperson—TWICE! The first wan­dered away and did­n’t return!

When I found the sec­ond one (chat­ting with sales­per­son ), I said, “Excuse me, we want to buy a stove.” 

She stood there look­ing at me with all the placid lack of inter­est seen in a cow chew­ing her cud.

“Now,” I added. “We want to buy a stove right now. If some­body will come take our money.”

She gave her coun­ter­part a rather exas­per­at­ed, look, and moseyed on towards curiousmay9 resignedly. 

It should not take 20 min­utes to ring up the sale of any­thing in a retail envi­ron­ment. Real­ly. There were no choic­es to make. We knew which mod­el of stove we were buy­ing. We knew that we did­n’t want the “extend­ed war­ran­ty.” We knew that we need­ed a 3‑prong cord. All in all, we knew what we need­ed. The woman was just aston­ish­ing­ly incompetent.

I did won­der, lat­er, if the lack of inter­est in us was due to the fact that there were two women, with no man pre­sum­ably hold­ing the purse strings to actu­al­ly buy something.

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