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Perus­ing a cat­a­log that came in the mail yes­ter­day, I see that snow­men are “the thing” for this Christ­mas. I’m glad I’m not into hav­ing “the thing.” It does, how­ev­er, remind me that if I’m going to make any new Yule dec­o­ra­tions, I need to get going on them.

Who decid­ed that putting words on the ass­es of pre-teen girls was a good idea? For sev­er­al years now, I’ve seen girls at var­i­ous dance stu­dios wear­ing (very short) shorts declar­ing that they are cheer­lead­ers or dancers. Now I’m see­ing them appear every­where, with “angel” or oth­er words on them. Why?

We did­n’t make it to Katie’s tri­al bal­let class at a new stu­dio OR to her Girl Scout meet­ing last night. Our car start­ed over­heat­ing on the way. For­tu­nate­ly, we weren’t far from home. We smelled antifreeze in a big way, and it looks as if a hose is bust­ed. I hope it isn’t an expen­sive fix—shouldn’t be, if that’s all there is to it. Must remem­ber to ask curiousmay9 or rid­inrab­bit to take a look, though.

The girl was dis­ap­point­ed, but a good sport.

We spent our Fri­day after­noon with curiousmay9. She, sam­bear and shad­owkatt wan­dered around Lit­tle 5 Points with Kar­li while I sat in air-con­di­tioned com­fort at Charis. I want­ed to be with them, but had­n’t real­ly slept much Thurs­day night. 

I read most of a new novel­la by Laru­ell Hamil­ton while there. It was part of an anthol­o­gy, and I did­n’t feel any urge to buy an $8 book to get a lit­tle dark fan­ta­sy erot­i­ca fix. I do believe the woman has com­plete­ly giv­en up any pre­tense of plot. I look for­ward to read­ing the last 10 pages or so at some oth­er book­store. Her work has to be the most wide­ly-read group sex stuff pub­lished at the moment.

Kar­li had lots of fun, once she got over think­ing that we were tak­ing her to a new home. Poor puppy! 

She did meet a 6‑month old baby while sit­ting at my & curiousmay9’s feet at Charis. A cou­ple had set­tled down near us to feed their daugh­ter, but she was too fas­ci­nat­ed by the dog to eat. They put her down on the floor to explore Kar­li’s fur and coo hap­pi­ly. Kar­li was absolute­ly per­fect, stay­ing down so as not to loom over the lit­tlun and scare her, being incred­i­bly patient.

Because of the atmos­phere at Charis, the fact that curiousmay9 and I were sit­ting togeth­er com­fort­ably on a small­ish loveseat, and our men­tion of our hopes to have babies in the house before long, the oth­er cou­ple obvi­ous­ly assumed that we were les­bian part­ners. My men­tion of my part­ner being out explor­ing Junkman’s Daugh­ter with shad­owkatt caused confusion.

We’re gam­ing with mique_mique this after­noon. Sam has done mar­velous things get­ting our suite ready to host her. I’m rest­ing, as he ordered.

While play­ing around on OKCu­pid, I retook their basic test. How the heck did I go from The Bat­tleaxe to The Maid of Hon­or? Maybe I was just in a bet­ter mood this time after get­ting to chat with ga_sunshine and dpaul007.

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