Wow: Walking the Labyrinth

Thanks to patgreene for sharing her words with the world: Walking the Labyrinth

You must walk the path. No one can walk it for you.

You must walk the path. Walking around the path, looking at the path, watching others walk the path gains you nothing.

You must pay attention to the path. If you wander, you will be lost.

If you leave the path for any reason, no matter how good or important that reason seems at the time, you will be lost.

No matter how many times you get lost, you can always go back to the beginning and start again. It will not be the same path, for you are not the same person, but you will no longer be lost.

Retracing your steps does not mean going backward. Though the path may seem the same, it is not, for you are forever changing and will always be who you are now, not the person you were when you first walked along the path.

You must learn to walk without regard to the tumult around you. If you listen to the chaos, you will be overwhelmed and the path will become meaningless.

You must walk your path. If you follow another, or cling so tightly there is no space between you, you are not walking your path, you are walking theirs.

You can never tell how far it is to the end until you get there.

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