The Flood Begins

I have a whole mess of posts bounc­ing around in my skull. Part of it is due to being offline for the last cou­ple of days, but some are old­er than that—I just haven’t had time or ener­gy to write them.

Right now, Sparks is lick­ing the back of my hair. I keep brush­ing her away, and as soon as my hand returns to the key­board she licks again. Appar­ent­ly, the “prod­uct” the salon folks put in my hair is tasty to our feline of oral fix­a­tion. So is any kind of skin lotion. Or heck, just skin.

Yep, my man took me to Three13 again today 🙂 I went WAY shorter—if he feels like it lat­er, I’ll ask him to take a pic­ture. The high­lights are bold­er this time, too.

I asked the styl­ist to help me because I just don’t have the spoons to style my hair. Wash­ing and comb­ing it is about all I’m man­ag­ing. Okay, I’ll put a lit­tle mousse in it and comb my fin­gers through it. But hold­ing my arms up with a blowdry­er or curl­ing iron for 10–15 min­utes just takes too much ener­gy that I need for oth­er parts of my life.

Jason is a GOD. I think it looks pret­ty good.

I con­sid­ered doing some­thing wild with the col­or, but I don’t think I’m *quite* there yet.

If I were rich, I’d seri­ous­ly go to Three13 once a week. I’d have my hair trimmed and styled and have a pedi­cure and man­i­cure. Maybe even the whole spa treat­ment. It’s just so good to be pam­pered as they do!

Odd­ly enough, I got more of Par­adise Lost read dur­ing the hours that I was there than I have in the last few weeks that I have been TRYING to slog through it. Who knew that I need­ed annoy­ing music and crowds of busy, ultra-styl­ish peo­ple around me to focus?

There­fore, I think my finan­cial aid bud­get should include week­ly Three13 vis­its. Yep.

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