The Flood Begins

I have a whole mess of posts bouncing around in my skull. Part of it is due to being offline for the last couple of days, but some are older than that—I just haven’t had time or energy to write them.

Right now, Sparks is licking the back of my hair. I keep brushing her away, and as soon as my hand returns to the keyboard she licks again. Apparently, the “product” the salon folks put in my hair is tasty to our feline of oral fixation. So is any kind of skin lotion. Or heck, just skin.

Yep, my man took me to Three13 again today 🙂 I went WAY shorter—if he feels like it later, I’ll ask him to take a picture. The highlights are bolder this time, too.

I asked the stylist to help me because I just don’t have the spoons to style my hair. Washing and combing it is about all I’m managing. Okay, I’ll put a little mousse in it and comb my fingers through it. But holding my arms up with a blowdryer or curling iron for 10-15 minutes just takes too much energy that I need for other parts of my life.

Jason is a GOD. I think it looks pretty good.

I considered doing something wild with the color, but I don’t think I’m *quite* there yet.

If I were rich, I’d seriously go to Three13 once a week. I’d have my hair trimmed and styled and have a pedicure and manicure. Maybe even the whole spa treatment. It’s just so good to be pampered as they do!

Oddly enough, I got more of Paradise Lost read during the hours that I was there than I have in the last few weeks that I have been TRYING to slog through it. Who knew that I needed annoying music and crowds of busy, ultra-stylish people around me to focus?

Therefore, I think my financial aid budget should include weekly Three13 visits. Yep.

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