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I finally got this bit of cgi to work for me, and the results are rather boring.

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in:
1. poetry score: 41
2. art score: 39
3. cooking score: 37
4. mythology score: 36
5. anime score: 35
6. love score: 35
7. buffy the vampire slayer score: 30
8. sex score: 27
9. movies score: 27
10. history score: 26
11. lois mcmaster bujold score: 26
12. travel score: 25
13. sci-fi score: 25
14. learning score: 24
15. philosophy score: 24
16. chocolate score: 24
17. neil gaiman score: 23
18. dragons score: 22
19. star wars score: 22
20. psychology score: 22

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coded by ixwin
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I’ve had mythology, buffy, dragons, psychology, and chocolate listed in the past. I erased them to add other things. I’m not into cooking. I’ve got other entries that map to sci-fi and learning. I don’t do graphic novels, so I haven’t really gotten into Neil Gaiman (and I don’t like dark stuff, period).

What I really want is to see who shares which “unusual” interests with me.

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