It’s Monday, Isn’t It?

Rheuma­tol­o­gist today, class­es if I can get to them (I cer­tain­ly hope I can!). I’m hop­ing to get pain meds that are a bit stronger for the worst part of the flares, as I’m still not able to func­tion then. Yes, despite the opi­ates. I real­ly hate this.

Oth­er­wise, the girl needs an aller­gy shot. She has got­ten a bit behind on them due to being so sick. The aller­gist did say that with­in 20 weeks, she should be see­ing a reduc­tion of symp­toms thanks to the shots. Yay!

She’s still only good for about 15 min­utes of effort, then she needs to rest or nap for an hour or more. This is SUCH a dif­fer­ence from the kid who does sev­er­al hours of dance or mar­tial arts with­out rais­ing a sweat! 

She obvi­ous­ly isn’t at Girl Scout camp. I man­aged to con­tact some­one and find out that the camp does have open­ings in all the oth­er ses­sions this sum­mer. I’m going to talk to the dis­trict reg­is­trar today, and request that she be moved to the last ses­sion of the year.

We had our first Cas­tle Car­i­tas fam­i­ly meet­ing last night. Final­ly. (We’ve been mean­ing to do so since the first week of occu­pan­cy.) It was dif­fi­cult, par­tial­ly because many issues had built up. I think we accom­plished a lot, though, and it’ll make life bet­ter all around. We’ve sched­uled week­ly meet­ings now.

I real­ized this morn­ing that if we added some sort of fun thing to do togeth­er, the meet­ings may work bet­ter. I don’t like watch­ing movies togeth­er due to the lack of real inter­ac­tion. curiousmay9 is a social gamer, but she does­n’t get into RPGs like the rest of us do. A board game, jig­saw puz­zle, or some­thing of that sort may be bet­ter. Maybe I should actu­al­ly ask the oth­er three peo­ple in the fam­i­ly, you think?

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