What a Cute Little Net Newbie

Some­one kicked off the Atlanta Freecy­cle list for mak­ing mis­lead­ing requests says she’s suing me for “liable.”

I told her to have a blast.

She emailed me the pho­to from the WHOA site along with my PO address as if it’s some­thing to be proud of find­ing. Am I sup­posed to be scared? She’s the one with her home address and phone num­ber out there for any­one in the world to find.

She real­ly got pis­sy not because of the ban­ning, but after I told her NOT to con­tact me again. Sil­ly git.

The last per­son who threat­ened to sue me online lost his job and a hell of a lot more. Appar­ent­ly, she’s at least par­tial­ly illit­er­ate, or too stu­pid to put what she found togeth­er in a log­i­cal fashion.

(She was alleged­ly seek­ing items for resale and has now gained a rep­u­ta­tion with most of the Freecy­cle mod­er­a­tors. Whether she was sell­ing the items or not, she has repeat­ed­ly lied to var­i­ous peo­ple about her situation.)

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