House Update

I just real­ized that I COMPLETELY blew off my speech class today. Like, I did­n’t even think about it. Lovely.

On the plus side, I’ve had mag­nif­i­cent amounts of Sam Time. I nev­er can get enough of that man.

I can­not find the mea­sure­ments for the mas­ter bed­room. I have them for the sit­ting room, but not the bed­room prop­er. I know I had them when I fig­ured out how much paint we needed!

My love­ly nails haven’t sur­vived the cleaning/painting/etc. After four of the silk-wrapped tips came off, I peeled the rest off. It took for­ev­er to buff out the ridges that were left, but I did it. My nails feel so sharp and thin now! Seriously—I’m hav­ing to scratch itch­es with inan­i­mate objects, or I can make myself bleed way too easily.

My Oth­er Daugh­ter, mayre­mi, went home today. We have LJ-less J ’til tomor­row evening. Books were packed today. shad­owkatt was sup­posed to do lots of pack­ing in her room, but hon­est­ly, she did­n’t. I don’t know when she thinks she IS going to pack!

We got the bolts for the loft bed. That is one HEAVY lit­tle box. The same day, we received four oth­er pack­ages. As I seri­ous­ly doubt that all of those came in one day, I think the apart­ment office just has­n’t been telling us when they accept pack­ages for us. I would­n’t have known to check if Sam had­n’t checked on a pack­age he was expect­ing and found that it had been signed for the pre­vi­ous day.

The loft bed is going to be built after the move. With the roof push­ing every­thing else back, we just could­n’t do it ear­li­er. I hope to fin­ish paint­ing tomorrow—Saturday at the lat­est. We real­ly need to move every­thing but the big fur­ni­ture on Sat­ur­day and Sunday.

We’ve decid­ed to rip out the water-dam­aged car­pet in our room, put down new padding, and then use the car­pet curiousmay9 took out of a bed­room and the office/sitting room upstairs. It’s stained, but that’s prefer­able to water dam­age. The wall has been paint­ed with KILZ, which should be dry enough to paint over tomor­row. The paint­ing will have to be redone when the wall is tru­ly repaired, but that will prob­a­bly take anoth­er month. We can’t be breath­ing mold and mildew ’til then, even with the air clean­ers going.

Does any­body know how to lay car­pet? It isn’t much for just the two rooms, but none of us have done it before. curiousmay9 knows the the­o­ry, but she’s putting down the hard­wood floor in the upstairs room right now.

The clean­ers, Gour­maids, ROCK. The ini­tial clean­ing was very pricey, but it was also mar­velous­ly thor­ough. I’d rec­om­mend them to any­one on this side of town. In fact, our neigh­bor hired them to come clean his house.

The sep­tic tank has been pumped out. Now that we know exact­ly where it is, we know that the first step in build­ing an addi­tion will be putting in a new sep­tic tank, as the cur­rent one is right beneath the planned great room.

And the cabling STILL has­n’t hap­pened. (sigh) Okay, there are some things more impor­tant than the LAN. Sor­ta. BUT STILL! WAAHHH! I need res­cue geeks!

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