House Update

I just realized that I COMPLETELY blew off my speech class today. Like, I didn’t even think about it. Lovely.

On the plus side, I’ve had magnificent amounts of Sam Time. I never can get enough of that man.

I cannot find the measurements for the master bedroom. I have them for the sitting room, but not the bedroom proper. I know I had them when I figured out how much paint we needed!

My lovely nails haven’t survived the cleaning/painting/etc. After four of the silk-wrapped tips came off, I peeled the rest off. It took forever to buff out the ridges that were left, but I did it. My nails feel so sharp and thin now! Seriously—I’m having to scratch itches with inanimate objects, or I can make myself bleed way too easily.

My Other Daughter, mayremi, went home today. We have LJ-less J ’til tomorrow evening. Books were packed today. shadowkatt was supposed to do lots of packing in her room, but honestly, she didn’t. I don’t know when she thinks she IS going to pack!

We got the bolts for the loft bed. That is one HEAVY little box. The same day, we received four other packages. As I seriously doubt that all of those came in one day, I think the apartment office just hasn’t been telling us when they accept packages for us. I wouldn’t have known to check if Sam hadn’t checked on a package he was expecting and found that it had been signed for the previous day.

The loft bed is going to be built after the move. With the roof pushing everything else back, we just couldn’t do it earlier. I hope to finish painting tomorrow—Saturday at the latest. We really need to move everything but the big furniture on Saturday and Sunday.

We’ve decided to rip out the water-damaged carpet in our room, put down new padding, and then use the carpet curiousmay9 took out of a bedroom and the office/sitting room upstairs. It’s stained, but that’s preferable to water damage. The wall has been painted with KILZ, which should be dry enough to paint over tomorrow. The painting will have to be redone when the wall is truly repaired, but that will probably take another month. We can’t be breathing mold and mildew ’til then, even with the air cleaners going.

Does anybody know how to lay carpet? It isn’t much for just the two rooms, but none of us have done it before. curiousmay9 knows the theory, but she’s putting down the hardwood floor in the upstairs room right now.

The cleaners, Gourmaids, ROCK. The initial cleaning was very pricey, but it was also marvelously thorough. I’d recommend them to anyone on this side of town. In fact, our neighbor hired them to come clean his house.

The septic tank has been pumped out. Now that we know exactly where it is, we know that the first step in building an addition will be putting in a new septic tank, as the current one is right beneath the planned great room.

And the cabling STILL hasn’t happened. (sigh) Okay, there are some things more important than the LAN. Sorta. BUT STILL! WAAHHH! I need rescue geeks!

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