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Guess I should go back to taking the stuff, huh?
Glucosamine Stops Knee Arthritis in WomenSupplement Likely Benefits All Types of People, All Joints, Say Researchers<

Why do I suspect that there will be a sudden surge of money invested in this research?
Stem Cells Can Re-Grow Hair
Discovery of Stem Cells in Mouse Hair May Lead to New Hair Loss Treatments

Well duh…
Diet Ads Promote Stereotypes

You’ve seen them — those diet ads with “before-and-after” pictures of obese people. They only perpetuate hurtful stereotypes, according to a new study.

“Given that these ads reach millions of people every day, their potential for harm is vast,” writes researcher Andrew Geier, a psychology graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania. His study appears in the current issue of Eating and Weight Disorders.

“Significant social stigma and weight discrimination occur in many important areas of life, including employment, medical care, and education,” he says.

“Despite no clear relationship between certain character traits and weight, negative judgments are routinely made about those who are overweight.” writes Grier.

A major contributor to the stigma is the impression that individual can easily control their weight and that there is a lack of self-discipline and personal failure that are responsible for excess weight. Societal messages can enhance these stigmas and contribute to antifat attitudes, he writes.

I hope this one pans out
New Migraine Drug Shows Promise
May Work Even on Severe or Moderate Pain That Has Lasted for Hours

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