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When you choose the behav­ior, you choose the consequences.
–Author Unknown

The con­text in which I saw this quote was as some­thing par­ents would tell their chil­dren. I think there are just as many adults who need to learn it, though.

Remind Us (thanks to red­cub — requires sound)

shad­owkatt and I are going to look at hous­es with king_james today.

I’m not well-trav­eled at all, as you can see.

1) Alaba­ma — I’m from Gads­den and still have many rel­a­tives in and around there.
2) Alaska
3) Arizona
4) Arkansas
5) Cal­i­for­nia — I’ve been there twice, once with Katie’s father for a Men­sa Annu­al Gath­er­ing (big par­ty) and once for a tele­vi­sion shoot.
6) Colorado
7) Connecticut
8) Delaware
9) Flori­da — I’ve vis­it­ed Pana­ma City and Des­tin and Orlando.
10) Geor­gia — I’ve lived here most of my life.
11) Hawaii
12) Idaho
13) Illi­nois — I’ve been to Chica­go for anoth­er TV shoot (Oprah) but did­n’t get a chance to do any sightseeing.
14) Indiana
15) Iowa
16) Kansas
17) Kentucky
18) Louisiana
19) Maine
20) Mary­land — I spent a week in Rockville on a business/training trip.
21) Mass­a­chu­setts — I vis­it­ed Boston on anoth­er business/training trip many years ago. Again, no sight­see­ing time.
22) Michigan
23) Minnesota
24) Mississippi
25) Missouri
26) Montana
27) Nebraska
28) Nevada
29) New Hampshire
30) New Jersey
31) New Mexico
32) New York — Our fam­i­ly flew into NYC and then spent a week upstate a few years back.
33) North Car­oli­na — Used to vis­it friends in Char­lotte there, and Katie has fam­i­ly there. Oh yeah, Katie and Mom and I vis­it­ed Chero­kee a few years back, too.
34) North Dakota
35) Ohio
36) Oklahoma
37) Oregon
38) Pennsylvania
39) Rhode Island
40) South Car­oli­na — I spent many sum­mer vaca­tions at Hilton Head and spent my hon­ey­moon (first mar­riage) in Charleston.
41) South Dakota
42) Ten­nessee — I’ve vis­it­ed Chat­tanooga sev­er­al times and I think we went raft­ing there once.
43) Texas — One busi­ness trip and a trip while I was an infant that I don’t recall.
44) Utah
45) Vermont
46) Vir­ginia — I believe I prob­a­bly stayed in Vir­ginia dur­ing a high school trip to DC.
47) Washington
48) West Virginia
49) Wisconsin
50) Wyoming 

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