Party Report

I’m the only one awake here. Even Shelley is sleeping. sambear was up earlier today, but went back to bed shortly before I got up.

I intend to have a day of laziness. We don’t have to go anywhere today, which is a lovely change. The house isn’t perfect, but it isn’t terrible. I might have a go at the kitchen, or I might not. I’ll let shadowkatt and sambear sleep ’til they wake on their own, and enjoy the quiet for now.

I have not one, but three vases full of beautiful fresh flowers. I feel rich!

The party last night was marvelous. I did, as usual, feel torn because I couldn’t focus closely on everyone. I especially felt that I didn’t get to visit with walkingbear as much as I would have liked. But we’ll get together for dinner soon, I think.

Sam made delicious food, and there were just enough people, and everyone got along well with everyone else. I have lovely presents, which were wholly unexpected.

shadowkatt went and hung out with friends for a few hours, then came back and joined the party. A helped her set up Jython on her PC.

We saw the plans M drew up for the kitchen in the new house—SQUEE! It’s going to be beautiful and lovely and welcoming!

I’m tired and achy, but I feel happy and loved and blessed. Thank you 🙂

Current Mood: 🙂happy
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