Yesterday we received an issue of Time Magazine. I can only assume it’s related to, although I don’t recall any offers for it.

We’ve gotten free subscriptions to National Geographic there before, so I’m a fan. We’ve also randomly received everything from Car & Driver to Elle Decor to Biography, and I recall recent offers for Black Enterpise, Electronic Home, Mac Addict, and The American Prospect. This morning I received an offer for The American Cowboy. I’ve never heard of some of these magazines before, but some of them do sound interesting.

I’ve decided to simply be zen about it, and regard whatever comes in the mail as a gift. It does make checking the box more interesting!

I figured I’d give the site a plug, though. You do fill out marketing surveys for most of the subscriptions. The only ones that I find onerous are those for computer industry publications, and I generally just pass on those‐I know perfectly well that I won’t read them anyway.

I was cautious of any “something for nothing” offers, so I used a special sneakemail address the first time I signed up there and left them with just that for about six months. I never got one piece of mail from anyone but them during that time, so now I’ve switched over to using one of my normal email addresses.

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