How did my jour­nal come to be list­ed on Blogshares? I don’t even under­stand what they’re doing, hon­est­ly. Edit: Appar­ent­ly this is need­ed for me to assert my claim to my own jour­nal: List­ed on BlogShares

Poem: Saying Goodbye to Very Young Children

From The Writer’s Almanac for today. I am enjoy­ing receiv­ing it in my email. Poem: “Say­ing Good­bye to Very Young Chil­dren,” by John Updike, from Amer­i­cana and Oth­er Poems (Knopf). Say­ing Good­bye to Very Young Chil­dren They will not be…

Yester­day we received an issue of Time Mag­a­zine. I can only assume it’s relat­ed to, although I don’t recall any offers for it.  We’ve got­ten free sub­scrip­tions to Nation­al Geo­graph­ic there before, so I’m a fan. We’ve also ran­dom­ly received…

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