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Yay! I may be able to get one of my meds much more easily before too long! No, I don’t have sleep apnea or shift work sleep disorder (SWSD), but my psychiatrist could easily justify SWSD in order to get me into the patient assistance program for the drug. She can’t really say that I have narcolepsy because that’s out of her area.

I feel like crap. I didn’t rest nearly enough last night, and the rest I did get just wasn’t deep enough. My neck is spasming and causing problems with my back, meaning it’s damned hard to sit in a chair. I know I can’t handle sitting in the chairs at school, especially the one in the standard classroom where my medical communication class is held. This is Not Good. I’ve taken meds, I’ve used the heating pad, I’ve tried hot water directed at the places in question, and it just isn’t enough. That means missing more classes this afternoon. Hopefully, I can at least make the evening class—missing either of my evening classes is even worse than the other ones since they’re only held once a week.

This is when I remember why I really want a laptop@mdash;it would allow me to sit in the recliner and work. No matter how marvelous my desk and chair are (and they are!), the recliner is much friendlier and more supportive of my entire body. That makes a huge difference during a pain flare.

I hate fibromyalgia.

On a happier note, from Robert Genn’s Twice Weekly Letter:
Esoterica: Some thoughts for the hunter-gatherer: Go slow. Focus—but at the same time be in multitask and multi-level mode. Let things sink in, even burn-in. Catch the spirit. If possible, go it alone. Know that quality counts—you do not need to fill your bucket. Be prepared that what you went out to get may not be what you end up getting. Take with you the sobering thought that you will never, ever be in this exact place again.

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