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We went to see a house with curiousmay9 today. It’s very intriguing. It can be hard to see beyond the fact that a house really, seriously needs a lot of cleaning and renovation, but it’s got good bones and a lot of potential. I’m not thrilled about the location, especially as it’s on a road that goes somewhere. But it has a lot of land around it, and it’s very interesting.

If she buys the place (which is very probable), she’s going to need a caretaker to live in it rent-free for 6-7 months while it’s being renovated. It’ll have a solid roof, electricity, a working bathroom, heat, etc. It’s not far from Six Flags. Is anybody interested, or know someone who might be?

We sort of had a late lunch/dinner at Shipfeiffer’s in Buckhead. We had gone down there to eat at The Bread Market, and it’s GONE! I am beside myself with grief. They had the world’s best chicken salad! Now I must find a way to reproduce that recipe, despite not having had it in a long time. Waaaaahhhhh!

And cheese cream brownies. I want a good recipe for those, too.

Right now, we have beignets from Huey’s for dessert. In fact, I bet I can get Sam to warm them up for me…

Anyway, we went to the Poly Southeast Meet ‘n Greet this evening. It was pretty nice—there were eleven people there by the time we left. It’s very likely that someone else showed up after that, as we left around 8:30 to come home and continue enjoying our adults-only weekend. I like ChocoLaté bunches.

My PDA suddenly went wonky while we were there, though—I’d opened it to try to look up a phone number. Now it’s getting stuck with a flashing Palm logo. I had to do a hard reset and now attempts to synchronize it fail. I am NOT happy. The Palm Support folks will be getting a phone call from me as soon as they open Monday morning.

Lots of wonderful gaming with my man 🙂 I’m missing Check and Mate, though, which is the game we play with leduck and company. And I could definitely stand to spend more time playing the other game, Silken Moonlight, with tbrents. mique_mique, won’t you PLEASE come back soon and join us?

Finally, and I know this is terribly important to everyone, I have a shoe problem. I have no sexy, comfy black shoes. I need some. Lovely cushy short boots would be splendiferous.

Oh, okay, that wasn’t finally. The waitress at Shipfeiffer’s caused my first-ever urge to hold someone down and apply a makeup sponge. Vigorously. You could see exactly where every separate cosmetic she had used began and ended—there were distinct borders. Foundation, blush, and 3 separate eyeshadow shades (I could count them, easily). And the frosty blusher and shadow—ewww! Not right for her, or her very casual outfit and work environment. Or is the frosty stuff coming back in, already in, whatever? (You can tell I’m not in touch with current fashion at all). I don’t generally notice makeup all that much, but it was just too bad to ignore. curiousmay9 and sambear just nodded at me when I pointed it out, not really understanding my dismay since neither of them wear makeup at all. I am, therefore, left to kvetch to my LJ friends.

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