Socialization & Bullies

I’m putting this here so I can find it again:
“No Thanks, We Don’t Believe in Socialization

Peo­ple often use the bul­ly as an exam­ple of why it’s so impor­tant to let kids “social­ize” at school. If that’s so impor­tant, then the bul­ly needs to go to JAIL after a few months, because self-respect­ing soci­ety sim­ply does­n’t put up with that, nor should my 6 yr. old. Sure, there are crap­py peo­ple in the world, but the world does a much bet­ter job of tak­ing care of these things. A bul­ly­ing brat in the first grade will still be a bul­ly­ing brat in the 6th grade. He will still be pick­ing on the same kids year after year after year, unless he moves to a new town. How long would the aver­age adult put up with a bul­ly? Per­son­al­ly, as an adult, I have only come across one grown up bul­ly. I choose not to be around this mis­er­able woman. So do many oth­er peo­ple. THAT is real life. If she were a cowork­er, I would find a dif­fer­ent job. If she worked at a busi­ness I patron­ized- not only would I refrain from doing busi­ness with that com­pa­ny, I would write a let­ter to the bul­ly, her man­ag­er, the own­er and the main office. A kid in a class­room has no way to emo­tion­al­ly pro­tect them­selves against such a per­son. I would nev­er expect my kids to put up with bad treat­ment from a bul­ly in the name of “tough­en­ing them up.” For what? So they can be sub­mis­sive wimps when they grow up too? So they can “ignore” their mis­er­able boss­es and abu­sive spous­es? In real life, if an employ­er dis­cov­ered that an employ­ee was harass­ing the oth­er staff mem­bers, that employ­ee could be fired (pend­ing the 90 day eval­u­a­tion) or relo­cat­ed. In real life, if you are so dread­ful­ly harassed by a cowork­er you can seek legal recourse inde­pen­dent­ly. In a class­room, the teacher and oth­er chil­dren are often powerless. 

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