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I’ve been forced to get a new keyboard. We have two Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pros, but one suffered a beverage spill at some point in the past and several of the numbers on the keypad are too sticky to use. The other has started randomly failing to acknowledge the existence of most of the keys on its left-hand side. So, okay, new keyboard.

I like this kind of keyboard. I’ve gotten used to them. Of course, that means Microsoft decided to stop making them. They make other keyboards that are sorta like them, but not exactly. For one thing, none of the newer ones have the two USB ports, and I like to use those to plug in my mouse and PDA cradle.

Sam talked me into trying the wireless keyboard and optical mouse “suite” MS is selling these days. After I got things hooked up, they aren’t so bad. I still miss keyboards that click. This feels a wee bit mushy, but we didn’t find any that click, so okay, I guess I must deal with it. And the lack of wires is nice—though finding a place to put the transmitter that’s at least 6″ away from “any source of interference” (computer cases, monitors, and speakers were all listed) and the mouse and keyboard themselves was fun.

I’ve found one problem, though. I’m clumsy. I’ve already knocked the mouse off the desk twice, and there’s no wire to keep it from roaming farther away than I can easily reach from the chair.

Edit: Okay, it’s not me being clumsy. The desk is tilted just a little towards my chair, and every time I get up the keyboard tray falls back toward my chair, sending the mouse flying off the desk. So I don’t feel quite so klutzy now – but I’ve still got a mouse that keeps wandering away.

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