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It’s 5 pm already? How did that happen?

Well, we did accom­plish much today. I woke up sev­er­al hours before I had the alarm set for some rea­son, and could­n’t get back to sleep. I wrote and had my cof­fee, start­ed laun­dry, and did oth­er mun­dane things. After I man­aged to chivvy the girls out of their beds, we fin­ished lots of lit­tle things that had been left half-done. The only room that I would call chaot­ic now is the office. The books aren’t in any dis­cernible order on the shelves around the liv­ing areas, but the books are ON the shelves, and the shelves are in place. The kitchen table is in place and ready to be used for (gasp!) eating.

I was ready to fin­ish hang­ing all the pic­tures that are framed, but not one but BOTH ham­mers have dis­ap­peared. Grrr!

I real­ly need to replace the glass that R broke while mov­ing one of my Lucy Synk prints, so I can get that one on the wall as well. I final­ly got in touch with her, and the third print in that series is still available—yay! So as soon as I have $50 to spend on some­thing non-essen­tial, I’ll be order­ing it.

R&G’s mater­nal grand­fa­ther came by with wives 4 and 5 (cur­rent and most recent ex) to pick up G&R’s belong­ings that they won’t be tak­ing with them on the plane. I do hope that those things are actu­al­ly shipped to them in Cal­i­for­nia, rather than just being stored. It sim­ply was­n’t pos­si­ble for them to pack every­thing to car­ry with them, like their favorite blan­kets and pil­lows. It’s out of our hands, so all I can do is hope.

I’m about to go out and set the porch back up as a porch, rather than the stag­ing area it served as this week­end. mrp­syk­lops and word­can­dlemage were absolute princes, help­ing to move every­thing go very smooth­ly. a href=“” class=“lj-user”>mrpsyklops daugh­ter and our two girls had much fun at the pool, and I think all three were very close to nap­ping after they’d eat­en. He and I had lots of mar­velous con­ver­sa­tions, and I sent him off with a Trout Fish­ing in Amer­i­ca com­pi­la­tion CD. I like infect­ing new peo­ple with my favorite music 🙂

We’ll need to replace the bed frame in the guest room some­time soon. At the moment, the mat­tress and box springs are sit­ting on the floor. As soon as we can man­age to get a king-sized bed for our­selves, we’re going to move the queen bed out of our room into the guest room, any­way. I’m plan­ning to move my craft stuff in there to get it all out of our clos­et, too.

I’ve got fresh sheets on the bed, and I’m eager to have my sam­bear back home. I miss him ter­ri­bly. Chick­en is mar­i­nat­ing for faji­tas (okay, it’s prob­a­bly mar­i­nat­ed quite long enough now, I just don’t feel like chop­ping it up and cook­ing it yet). I had planned to have din­ner ready for Sam and curiousmay9, but now it looks as if they’re going to be home much, much lat­er than I’d hoped. I can’t find the sour cream. I was sure we had some, but it is very well-hid­den in that not-very-big fridge if it exists.

I’m toy­ing with the idea of actu­al­ly arrang­ing the books on the shelves, so I can find the dan­ged things when I want them. That may be more work than I want to do today, though, because I’m in a lot of pain. I want to get it all finished!

The office chaos isn’t near­ly as chaot­ic as it was—it’s large­ly box­es that have already been sort­ed. I just have to make places for the stored files and box­es of com­put­er cables and parts in the closet.

I’m start­ing to think that it isn’t that blocks get kicked under the sofas all the time, as the blocks aren’t even out in our house that often (only when lit­tluns are vis­it­ing). It’s that blocks just form as a nat­ur­al result of hav­ing a sofa sit­ting on the car­pet. It may be a hereto­fore unknown part of the sock > wire coat hang­er life cycle.

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