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It’s 5 pm already? How did that happen?

Well, we did accomplish much today. I woke up several hours before I had the alarm set for some reason, and couldn’t get back to sleep. I wrote and had my coffee, started laundry, and did other mundane things. After I managed to chivvy the girls out of their beds, we finished lots of little things that had been left half-done. The only room that I would call chaotic now is the office. The books aren’t in any discernible order on the shelves around the living areas, but the books are ON the shelves, and the shelves are in place. The kitchen table is in place and ready to be used for (gasp!) eating.

I was ready to finish hanging all the pictures that are framed, but not one but BOTH hammers have disappeared. Grrr!

I really need to replace the glass that R broke while moving one of my Lucy Synk prints, so I can get that one on the wall as well. I finally got in touch with her, and the third print in that series is still available—yay! So as soon as I have $50 to spend on something non-essential, I’ll be ordering it.

R&G’s maternal grandfather came by with wives 4 and 5 (current and most recent ex) to pick up G&R’s belongings that they won’t be taking with them on the plane. I do hope that those things are actually shipped to them in California, rather than just being stored. It simply wasn’t possible for them to pack everything to carry with them, like their favorite blankets and pillows. It’s out of our hands, so all I can do is hope.

I’m about to go out and set the porch back up as a porch, rather than the staging area it served as this weekend. mrpsyklops and wordcandlemage were absolute princes, helping to move everything go very smoothly. a href=”” class=”lj-user”>mrpsyklops daughter and our two girls had much fun at the pool, and I think all three were very close to napping after they’d eaten. He and I had lots of marvelous conversations, and I sent him off with a Trout Fishing in America compilation CD. I like infecting new people with my favorite music 🙂

We’ll need to replace the bed frame in the guest room sometime soon. At the moment, the mattress and box springs are sitting on the floor. As soon as we can manage to get a king-sized bed for ourselves, we’re going to move the queen bed out of our room into the guest room, anyway. I’m planning to move my craft stuff in there to get it all out of our closet, too.

I’ve got fresh sheets on the bed, and I’m eager to have my sambear back home. I miss him terribly. Chicken is marinating for fajitas (okay, it’s probably marinated quite long enough now, I just don’t feel like chopping it up and cooking it yet). I had planned to have dinner ready for Sam and curiousmay9, but now it looks as if they’re going to be home much, much later than I’d hoped. I can’t find the sour cream. I was sure we had some, but it is very well-hidden in that not-very-big fridge if it exists.

I’m toying with the idea of actually arranging the books on the shelves, so I can find the danged things when I want them. That may be more work than I want to do today, though, because I’m in a lot of pain. I want to get it all finished!

The office chaos isn’t nearly as chaotic as it was—it’s largely boxes that have already been sorted. I just have to make places for the stored files and boxes of computer cables and parts in the closet.

I’m starting to think that it isn’t that blocks get kicked under the sofas all the time, as the blocks aren’t even out in our house that often (only when littluns are visiting). It’s that blocks just form as a natural result of having a sofa sitting on the carpet. It may be a heretofore unknown part of the sock > wire coat hanger life cycle.

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