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So I’m mov­ing the Cre­ative Home Edu­ca­tors site to the serv­er (thank you pick­man­sraven!). It has Bravenet crap in it, so I start­ed to just take that stuff out—and the lay­out goes all weird. The cur­rent site was done using a “site gen­er­a­tor” thing over there, and as a result it is full of crap­pi­ness that just does­n’t belong there at all. fun­ni­fam­i­ly does­n’t have any time to deal with much right now, so I do believe I am on my own. Well, I haven’t actu­al­ly tried to reach her, though she’s the boss—I’d like to have some sol­id ideas before bug­ging her.

I start­ed look­ing around at graph­ics, try­ing to get some ideas for some­thing new for the site. We’re a group of home edu­ca­tors, most of whom are on some kind of “earth-cen­tered spir­i­tu­al path,” many of whom call our­selves pagan—but not all. We attract a fair num­ber of peo­ple who aren’t pagan but are agnostic/atheist/follow any lib­er­al reli­gious tradition/etc. Some of our mem­bers aren’t in Geor­gia at all, and some don’t home­school but are very involved in their kids’ edu­ca­tions (any good par­ent is).

Try­ing to look for sub­tle but mean­ing­ful web graph­ics has remind­ed me of why I sel­dom vis­it pagan sites. Too many of them are unread­able. I have no idea who decid­ed to make deep pur­ple text on a black back­ground some kind of defac­to stan­dard, but it sucks. I don’t think it’s just that I’m old-if I have to high­light the text to read it, the site is not designed well. Peri­od. (I won’t even start on the wacko font selections.)

And for a com­plete change of sub­ject, I want more speak­ers. So there.

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