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So I’m moving the Creative Home Educators site to the server (thank you pickmansraven!). It has Bravenet crap in it, so I started to just take that stuff out—and the layout goes all weird. The current site was done using a “site generator” thing over there, and as a result it is full of crappiness that just doesn’t belong there at all. funnifamily doesn’t have any time to deal with much right now, so I do believe I am on my own. Well, I haven’t actually tried to reach her, though she’s the boss—I’d like to have some solid ideas before bugging her.

I started looking around at graphics, trying to get some ideas for something new for the site. We’re a group of home educators, most of whom are on some kind of “earth-centered spiritual path,” many of whom call ourselves pagan—but not all. We attract a fair number of people who aren’t pagan but are agnostic/atheist/follow any liberal religious tradition/etc. Some of our members aren’t in Georgia at all, and some don’t homeschool but are very involved in their kids’ educations (any good parent is).

Trying to look for subtle but meaningful web graphics has reminded me of why I seldom visit pagan sites. Too many of them are unreadable. I have no idea who decided to make deep purple text on a black background some kind of defacto standard, but it sucks. I don’t think it’s just that I’m old‐if I have to highlight the text to read it, the site is not designed well. Period. (I won’t even start on the wacko font selections.)

And for a complete change of subject, I want more speakers. So there.

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