1) Dental clinic – closed for another week. Grrr.

2) Found cleaning service and scheduled extreme cleaning session for Saturday Wednesday morning. We’re talking sanitizing damn near everything. From the list of what they do every visit, I do believe they’d satisfy even shadowkatt‘s highly obsessive neat-freak paternal grandmother. (This would be the one who drove off my cleaning service when Katie wasn’t quite two weeks old because she was hectoring them constantly about not doing things right.)

3) Made an appointment to have the septic tank cleaned out before move-in.

Still working on:
–Getting a diagram of where the leach field runs from the county.
–Scheduling appointment for satellite dish installer to come out
–Scheduling phone/DSL installation if they need to get inside. We should know the new phone # tomorrow.
–Picking up temporary window coverings (“RediShades”) and ordering window film for the entryway.

As roof leaks trump everything else, wiring, painting, and installation of new flooring isn’t done yet. We hope to finish the painting before Saturday morning. shadowkatt is going to be painting, and we’re going to see if we can borrow mayremi.

We have things in boxes and continue to pack. I need to make many runs over to the house with boxes, and hopefully with someone better suited to moving them around than I am. That would be far easier with a truck than my car, but this is what we have. It’s just such a long way that I really want to make the gas count.

We need to put the trash out at the castle tonight, as tomorrow is our first pick-up. One of the few advantages of apartment life is the constant availability of the dumpster.

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