Katie’s Writing Evaluation

You know I’m way behind when I haven’t got­ten around to brag­ging on my girl yet.

I got shad­owkatt’s writ­ing eval­u­a­tion results back yes­ter­day. The tester actu­al­ly gave the test to two oth­er staffers (one being the cen­ter man­ag­er), because she thought she’d missed some­thing. Katie is the very first per­son, at any grade lev­el, to get a per­fect score on their writ­ing test.

Yep, that’s what I said—a per­fect score. No mechan­i­cal (spelling or gram­mar) errors. Good orga­ni­za­tion. Good argu­ment and sup­port­ing points. Vocab­u­lary that shocked the hell out of them, com­ing from a 12-year-old (not because it was obscene, either).

She even turned the top­ic they gave her around. She was sup­posed to talk some­one into watch­ing her favorite TV show. She stat­ed that she isn’t into TV, and instead pro­ceed­ed to con­vince the read­er to pick up Mar­i­on Zim­mer Bradley’s Mists of Aval­on instead of watch­ing the TV movie made from that book. And she did a damned good job of it, too.

Yes, I’m a proud mama 🙂

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