I just asked my wife if she’s been seeding the bushes with kittens.

Yes, that’s what I said.

We’ve been talking, in a general sense, about adding a couple of kittens to the house, for many months.

About a month ago, I said that I think it’s getting to be time, as Shelley seems to be getting closer to being ready to leave us.

At least twice today, I’ve had glimpses of tails out of the corners of my eyes. Just tails. Definitely not lupine, canine or—wait. It breaks down there. “Rodentia” doesn’t sound right. Anyway, it definitely wasn’t a squirrel, chipmunk, raccoon, or possum tail.

It was definitely a very small, very feline tail. Possibly more than one.

I’m unsure of the color.

curiousmay9 said that she hasn’t actually acquired kittens and left them for me to find, as she couldn’t take off work to lay in wait and watch me find them, and she wouldn’t miss that.

She did, however, tell wordcandlemage, that we’re looking for kittens. Someone (I’m not sure if it was him) immediately offered her one.

She has, therefore, loosed this wish into the universe.

I’d best put the cat carrier into the van and buy kitten chow, a small litter box, and maybe some kitten milk. They’re coming!

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