Honest World — Catie Curtis

Some­one just post­ed these lyrics to the LJ folk­fans com­mu­ni­ty and I found them touching.

Hon­est World
(Catie Curtis)

When I was 19
I broke up with my first girlfriend
Because of a guy down the hall
Who was a Christian
He said, “I look at you
I can see you don’t want to lie
And if you stay with her
Your whole life, you’re gonna have to hide”
And I believed him, so I let her go
And I cried my eyes out in my room alone
And he would come by with a Bible
Until I shut the door
And decid­ed I wasn’t gonna lie to myself anymore

Some­day we’ll all be free
I can feel it, it’s our destiny
Some­day I believe
Love will make an hon­est world for me

It took a long time to find you
I knew right away
I was gonna want to spend my life with you
We took our wed­ding vows
We had our wed­ding night
We had every­thing except the legal right
So we jumped the broom
Like plan­ta­tion slaves would do
‘Cause they couldn’t mar­ry under the Master’s rules

But some­day we’ll all be free
I can feel it, it’s our destiny
Some­day they’ll see the truth
And I will make an hon­est woman of you

There’s a baby being born
Some­where in the world
Who’s gonna need us
As much as we’re gonna need her
And we will board the plane
And we’re gonna bring her home
And that’s how we’ll make a lit­tle fam­i­ly of our own
But the doc­u­ments will leave off one of our names
Like one of us cut right from the pic­ture frame

But some­day we’ll all be free
I can feel it, it’s our destiny
Some­day I trust
Love will make an hon­est world for us
Today, I believe
Love has made an hon­est woman of me

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