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Happy Birth­day sem­per­fiona and sleep­ing­wolf!

I’m at home being use­less. I don’t want to be—I want to clean my kitchen, do the laun­dry, and change out the cat­box, and straight­en the garage. But I’m being use­less because my pain lev­els are such that lit­tle things like walk­ing, stand­ing, or even hold­ing a full cof­fee mug reli­ably for more than a very brief time sim­ply aren’t doable for me at the moment. I hate this. I can’t even get my own damned pills, because I keep spilling them! sam­bear is hav­ing to do that for me!

Of course, stitch­ing is out of the ques­tion. And I’m not inter­est­ed in any of the books at hand. Nor do I care to watch tele­vi­sion (that’s normal).

I have, how­ev­er, pret­ty much fin­ished going through all the old hard dri­ves except the two SCSI dri­ves. I’m going to go ahead and use Nor­ton Wipe on each of them, but those that are read­able have been read. There’s one that made a hor­rif­ic grind­ing noise and could­n’t be read. I’ve nev­er seen the inside of a hard dri­ve before, and I’m curi­ous, so curiousmay9 is going to bring over her hex dri­vers and we’re going to dis­as­sem­ble it.

shad­owkatt and sam­bear are at her place con­tin­u­ing the rais­ing of the roof for the pot­tery stu­dio. I miss being there with every­one. (sigh)

shad­owkatt just returned from a Girl Scout camp­ing trip. She had a fab­u­lous time, as usu­al. I thought she’d be tired, but the prospect of climb­ing all over scaf­fold­ing was just too attrac­tive to pass up.

Fri­day night was our first ses­sion of the new D&D game with leduck and friends. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, one fel­low decid­ed to be rather con­trary, and now there’s hon­est­ly no rea­son at all for his char­ac­ter to have any­thing to do with the rest of the par­ty. sam­bear attempt­ed to pull him back in, and he resist­ed quite stub­born­ly. So I sup­pose the game may be rather bor­ing for him for a while. He’s used to run­ning games for their group, so I had to won­der if there was some sort of ter­ri­to­r­i­al thing hap­pen­ing there. I’m still a fair­ly new gamer, hav­ing played in exact­ly ONE ses­sion of a game run by any­one oth­er than Sam, so maybe I’m just mis­read­ing things.

Sat­ur­day sam­bear was again use­ful in con­struc­tion. I was­n’t. But I did fin­ish the fil­ing! Woo hoo! Sounds of much rejoic­ing! That may sound sil­ly, but dammit, this is the first time in YEARS all my fil­ing has been done, and the first time EVER for sam­bear!

I did spend some time talk­ing to mique_mique yes­ter­day. It has been WAY too long since we’ve seen her! I’m in withdrawal!

Last night we dragged curiousmay9 to a meet-n-greet at sweet­song’s Cari­bou Cof­fee. It was good to see a cou­ple of reg­u­lars and meet some new peo­ple. A very nice fel­low, Scott, had copied When Two Won’t Do to DVD for us (oh yeah, I could watch that!). I’ve been hear­ing about the doc­u­men­tary for sev­er­al years and it was broad­cast this week, but our cable provider did­n’t show it. We went to din­ner with some of the folks afterward.

Does any­body need a sopra­no and a tenor, light­ly used? Unfor­tu­nate­ly, we had to resign from Try­bal­a­ka yes­ter­day due to sched­ul­ing issues. That was my escape from stres­sors like the cus­tody bat­tle and lit­tle­fire­fae’s men­tal health issues, and I’m tru­ly going to miss it. I’m hop­ing that we can main­tain the friend­ships we’ve built there, as I would real­ly regret los­ing con­tact with such love­ly people.

We get lit­tle­fire­fae and real_pochacco back today! Yay! We’ve real­ly missed them. Com­ing home is always dif­fi­cult after spend­ing a week on the west coast, both due to the time zone dif­fer­ence and because they live with absolute­ly no rules there (accord­ing to them). Their sleep sched­ules will be all off and it’s like­ly to be a real fight to get them up and off to school in the morn­ing. They eat out every day while there and report­ed­ly live on junk food, so they often get ill (phys­i­cal­ly and tem­pera­men­tal­ly) too. It’s worth any has­sle to have them home, though.

BTW—I haven’t been at the PC much (sit­ting for long is very painful), so I’m way behind on your entries. I apol­o­gize, but I don’t expect to be able to get caught up, either. I’m real­ly not ignor­ing you on purpose!

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