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Happy Birthday semperfiona and sleepingwolf!

I’m at home being useless. I don’t want to be—I want to clean my kitchen, do the laundry, and change out the catbox, and straighten the garage. But I’m being useless because my pain levels are such that little things like walking, standing, or even holding a full coffee mug reliably for more than a very brief time simply aren’t doable for me at the moment. I hate this. I can’t even get my own damned pills, because I keep spilling them! sambear is having to do that for me!

Of course, stitching is out of the question. And I’m not interested in any of the books at hand. Nor do I care to watch television (that’s normal).

I have, however, pretty much finished going through all the old hard drives except the two SCSI drives. I’m going to go ahead and use Norton Wipe on each of them, but those that are readable have been read. There’s one that made a horrific grinding noise and couldn’t be read. I’ve never seen the inside of a hard drive before, and I’m curious, so curiousmay9 is going to bring over her hex drivers and we’re going to disassemble it.

shadowkatt and sambear are at her place continuing the raising of the roof for the pottery studio. I miss being there with everyone. (sigh)

shadowkatt just returned from a Girl Scout camping trip. She had a fabulous time, as usual. I thought she’d be tired, but the prospect of climbing all over scaffolding was just too attractive to pass up.

Friday night was our first session of the new D&D game with leduck and friends. Unfortunately, one fellow decided to be rather contrary, and now there’s honestly no reason at all for his character to have anything to do with the rest of the party. sambear attempted to pull him back in, and he resisted quite stubbornly. So I suppose the game may be rather boring for him for a while. He’s used to running games for their group, so I had to wonder if there was some sort of territorial thing happening there. I’m still a fairly new gamer, having played in exactly ONE session of a game run by anyone other than Sam, so maybe I’m just misreading things.

Saturday sambear was again useful in construction. I wasn’t. But I did finish the filing! Woo hoo! Sounds of much rejoicing! That may sound silly, but dammit, this is the first time in YEARS all my filing has been done, and the first time EVER for sambear!

I did spend some time talking to mique_mique yesterday. It has been WAY too long since we’ve seen her! I’m in withdrawal!

Last night we dragged curiousmay9 to a meet-n-greet at sweetsong‘s Caribou Coffee. It was good to see a couple of regulars and meet some new people. A very nice fellow, Scott, had copied When Two Won’t Do to DVD for us (oh yeah, I could watch that!). I’ve been hearing about the documentary for several years and it was broadcast this week, but our cable provider didn’t show it. We went to dinner with some of the folks afterward.

Does anybody need a soprano and a tenor, lightly used? Unfortunately, we had to resign from Trybalaka yesterday due to scheduling issues. That was my escape from stressors like the custody battle and littlefirefae‘s mental health issues, and I’m truly going to miss it. I’m hoping that we can maintain the friendships we’ve built there, as I would really regret losing contact with such lovely people.

We get littlefirefae and real_pochacco back today! Yay! We’ve really missed them. Coming home is always difficult after spending a week on the west coast, both due to the time zone difference and because they live with absolutely no rules there (according to them). Their sleep schedules will be all off and it’s likely to be a real fight to get them up and off to school in the morning. They eat out every day while there and reportedly live on junk food, so they often get ill (physically and temperamentally) too. It’s worth any hassle to have them home, though.

BTW—I haven’t been at the PC much (sitting for long is very painful), so I’m way behind on your entries. I apologize, but I don’t expect to be able to get caught up, either. I’m really not ignoring you on purpose!

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