Shady Sadie

How the heck is it that sud­den­ly the song “Hot Lunch” from Fame is stuck in my head? It’s been years since I’ve seen the movie, much less lis­tened to the music.

Down to Earth?

Is this like los­ing your human­i­ty in Vam­pire? I’m los­ing the abil­i­ty to refrain from the damned quizzes? I’m only post­ing it ’cause I haven’t seen it before. So there. Earth­ly. Real­is­tic. You’re sim­ply down-to-earth. I’m com­plete­ly down-to-earth! Find your soul…


If I weren’t ter­ri­bly lazy today, I would be send­ing out emails for these two things. But I am lazy. I had anoth­er of those don’t‑remem­ber-any-dreams-but-feel-like-there-were-lots-of-night­mares nights. They aren’t ever rest­ful. Hey _starrgirl_, this book sounds inter­est­ing. Appar­ent­ly it’s been…

Daddy’s Fine

Daddy came through the surgery great. He’s already in less pain than before, even con­sid­er­ing the new pain from hav­ing some­one basi­cal­ly take a Dremel tool to the ver­te­brae in his neck. He’s got con­trol of his right arm again,…

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