And Now for Something Completely Different

My dad called me at about 1 pm to tell me he got out of the hospital early this morning. He’s only taken one pain pill since the surgery and that was on Friday evening. He’s supposed to be at home in bed for the next two to three weeks, but at this rate, I fear he’s going to try pushing that. A lot. But I’m glad he’s doing so well.

I’m very sleepy. I’m hoping I can actually sleep tonight.

I keep thinking about the last few Buffy episodes for some reason—probably the mentions in people’s LJ entries. I taped the last two weeks but haven’t watched them because I missed taping the one before that. James has them on tape but I haven’t seen him since to borrow the tape, and I don’t like seeing them out of sequence. Dangit.

I switched the monitor that was on the Linux box to one of the Windoze machines today since we actually work on those. And now the Linux box won’t boot into its normal desktop environment. It just says “out of scan range.” I can, thankfully, get into the box from the other machines. But I don’t (yet) know how to go in and tell it about the different monitor. So I’m trying to figure that out now.

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