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Okay, we’re home. Yay. sam­bear is cook­ing din­ner. realpochac­co is on the phone with his moth­er, open­ing a gift in her tele­phon­ic pres­ence. G is clean­ing up a major olive oil spill she caused in the kitchen. I’m not sure where shad­owkatt is, but she’s most like­ly wher­ev­er the new cat is at the moment.

Yes, you heard me right. The new cat. sam­bear has con­tin­ued our down­ward spi­ral into being Those Crazy Cat Peo­ple. Do you remem­ber the stray cat I men­tioned hang­ing around on our top deck, way high above the ground? He is now an inside cat. Yes, he’s ours. We cut off the incred­i­bly-too-small flea col­lar (I had seri­ous trou­ble get­ting one blade of the scis­sors under it to do that, it was so tight) and gave him a flea bath last night. In fact, we bathed all the cats for good mea­sure, so they all hat­ed us by the time the girls and I hit the road to dri­ve towards Athens.

We’re just call­ing him “the new cat” or “new kit­ty” right now. I think he looks like a rac­coon because of his ringed tail, but sam­bear says we can’t call him Coon because it has been used as a racial slur in the past. Nam­ing a new pet is a Big Deal around here. Seri­ous­ly. Con­sen­sus deci­sion-mak­ing takes a LOT of time. And I’m going blank on fur­ther ideas for this guy, peri­od. Alice sug­gest­ed Dan’l Boone, to get the coon­skin ref­er­ence in there. 

He isn’t par­tic­u­lar­ly inter­est­ed in post­ing for pic­tures, unfor­tu­nate­ly. He’s a neutered male, not awful­ly big, of uncer­tain age. His fur is incred­i­bly soft and most­ly brindled with black stripes along his back, white on his bel­ly. He’s very sweet and cud­dly with humans. He and Shel­ley are hap­py to just stay away from each oth­er, which makes Shel­ley hap­py. Mica and Moon­stone, how­ev­er, are NOT hap­py about his presence—he holds his own quite well against them, though. He’s very pushy about peo­ple’s food and will prob­a­bly require lots of social­iza­tion before he stops try­ing to share what­ev­er we’re hav­ing right from our plates (of course, he’s been liv­ing off our trash for a while, so maybe he picked us for Sam’s cooking). 

We were try­ing to keep the cats sep­a­rat­ed, but this guy is some kind of door wiz­ard. They won’t stay closed. Not at all. (sigh)

So—name sug­ges­tions?

Back­ing up — the girls and I did spend last night up Athens way with greyknight and fam­i­ly, so that we could help take care of god­dessin­ga, Son and Lit­tle Miss. I’m not nor­mal­ly an ear­ly ris­er, but I do remem­ber exchang­ing actu­al words (a few of them) with greyknight when he left for work before dawn—seems he was sur­prised to see Mr. K. C. curled up asleep with me, as he cer­tain­ly isn’t the snug­gli­est feline in the world. When Lit­tle Miss cried a bit lat­er, I got up and found that she just want­ed a dia­per change and more milk. The sec­ond time, around 6 am, the dia­per was MUCH dirt­i­er, so the chang­ing took longer. 

Now, last night I went off and left my sleep shirt at home, so I end­ed up wear­ing one of god­dessin­ga’s gowns to sleep in. GiG got up to take care of Lit­tle Miss, hav­ing heard her cry­ing, and to her sur­prise saw what seemed to be her­self already at the chang­ing table with the baby. She helped her­self out by get­ting more milk for the baby, then went back to bed. This time I took Lit­tle Miss back to cud­dle with me a bit in order to get a bit more rest.

Son came and kind­ly zrbrtd Lit­tle Miss ful­ly awake a bit lat­er, so we were real­ly Up For the Day. We got to enjoy their com­pa­ny and had the love­ly unex­pect­ed sur­prise of meet­ing john666 in the flesh! He even gave me Russ­ian Tea!

greyknight had to work lat­er than expect­ed, then he had some last-minute shop­ping to do, so we did­n’t get home until about 7:30. We saw sev­er­al wrecks and lots of blue lights on the way home, and I do hope that all of you are being extreme­ly care­ful if you absolute­ly must be on the roads. I go to enjoy the port wine cheese ball sam­bear just set out as a sur­prise for me (it’s my favorite), being sure to leave room for the yum­my din­ner I smell almost ready. I’m glad to be home!

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