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I’m not really a “believer” in astrology. I do think that, like many other things, it can be used to bring things we “know” on somehow up to a conscious level of awareness so that we can examine and make use of them. I don’t generally bother to check my horoscope or anything like that, but I do get and enjoy Rob Brezsney’s Free Will Astrology newsletter each week.

I know that my sun and moon and several other planets are in Scorpio, and that Taurus is my rising sign. I’ve heard many times that when reading any kind of mass-produced astrology column, you should look at your rising sign as well as your sun sign, so I usually do.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Your assignment is to create a symbolic shield for yourself. You’re not in any physical danger, and hence you don’t need a literal trash can lid or piece of sheet metal to hold in front of you; but in the coming week you’ll probably need to safeguard yourself against the metaphorical equivalent of rotten tomatoes being flung your way. Your assailants may not even be aware of how offensive their emotional garbage is or how much it could affect you. That’s all the more reason to surround yourself with your own personal version of psychic protection.

Hmm. I’m not so good at shielding—I tend to block absolutely everything out, or let everything in. Maybe I should talk to James on this one because he’s an expert.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Start phasing out desires that lead you backward, Taurus. In other words, renounce your longings to recreate outmoded pleasures from the past; disown the drive to be someone you once were or to have something you once had; talk yourself out of your fascination with feelings that keep you attached to dead-end goals; and escape any addictions you might have to sensations that are irrelevant to your future.

Hmm. I’m not sure where that one is going.

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