If You Have Stuff to Give Away

Clothes, books, toys, videos, CDs, stuffed animals, any kind of baby/kid/teen stuff at all—PLEASE consider taking it to the North Georgia Foster Parent Support Group. Yes, it’s tax-deductible.

These are the kinds of things they try to provide for foster kids, and that they need to be donated:
Clothes, bathing suits, shoes, sandals, hats, bibs, training pants, new underwear, new socks, hats, ties, cribs, toddler beds, high chairs, strollers, infant car seats, toddler car seats, booster car seats, playpens, gates, infant swings, baby bathtubs, walkers, exer-saucers, front carrier packs, backpacks, formula, bottles, diapers, sippy cups, toys, car seat covers, bumper pad sets, crib sheets, some twin sheets, blankets, baby towels, monitors, picture frames, infant wall decorations, mobiles, stuffed animals, and a few other things in between.

Of course, they take money, too. And they need volunteers!

When we were there a few weeks back, they said they have an especially hard time getting clothing and other items for teenagers. Since the vast majority of kids in foster care in Georgia are teenagers, this is especially difficult. So if you’re an adult with clothing you’ve outgrown or grown tired of or whatever, remember that there’s probably a teen who can wear it and needs it.

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