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This link was shared on a home­school­ing list this morn­ing and I fig­ured there are some par­ents here who’d appre­ci­ate it. For those of you who aren’t par­ents but buy gifts for kids—these kinds of gifts are often WAY bet­ter than yet anoth­er toy!
Clut­ter Free Gift Ideas for Chil­dren and Teenagers
(Warn­ing: Even a skim set off my proof­read­ing itch, as there are some spelling and gram­mar problems.)

I’m still feel­ing very sore and achy. I did­n’t get much done yes­ter­day. I did have a nice, if brief, vis­it with M when she came by to drop off her old PC so that sam­bear can trans­fer data to her new one (which he’s building).

I’m glow­ing, though. I just fin­ished reg­is­ter­ing for the spring semes­ter at SPSU. I need­ed an over­ride for one of the class­es, and my advis­er request­ed it from the head of the depart­ment, who replied to him and the depart­men­t’s admin­is­tra­tive god­dess, D, autho­riz­ing it. I thanked all of them in an email, and got a reply say­ing that I’m one of their best stu­dents so they’re hap­py to help me 🙂

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