Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig!

sam­bear and I are now mem­bers of Trybalaka 🙂 

Yes, I’m still singing much low­er than nor­mal, but appar­ent­ly they liked what they heard. I’m going to have to get back to prac­tic­ing dai­ly just to build up my vocal endurance again, though!

We are also falling down dead tired, but the rehearsal was absolute­ly exhil­a­rat­ing. That on top of a week­end that includ­ed Katie’s birth­day, our sweet­ies and one of our dear­est friends has me feel­ing like the luck­i­est per­son on the planet.

My only seri­ous com­plaint right now is that 24 hours a day lim­i­ta­tion, dammit. Because I also want­ed to see A, and J, and game with mique_mique (vis­it­ing is always won­der­ful but I want gam­ing too!) and greynight and god­dessin­ga this week­end. I want­ed more pure down time with sam­bear and the kids. I want­ed to get more down around here. But hey, what was fit into the week­end was wonderful!

And I got to meet Dee­dra of tri­adj, which was great 🙂

I must be suf­fer­ing from some kind of insan­i­ty. In the past few weeks we’ve added being part of a quad and now being in a musi­cal group to our lives, and yes I still plan on doing NaNoW­riMo. And did I men­tion that I’m still con­sid­er­ing going back to work?

Oh—I’m afraid I am so incred­i­bly far behind on read­ing LJ entries due to the busy week that I may have to give up on get­ting caught up. While I read­ing, so much more gets post­ed that it’s get­ting to be an Aegean Sta­bles issue. Sor­ry. I hope I did­n’t miss any­thing hor­ri­bly impor­tant. Please for­give me. If you need more grov­el­ing, please let me know and I’ll attempt it when I am more conscious.

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