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Katie and I missed our walk this morning because she had a dental check-up. All was well—yay! And maybe we’ll get in a walk this evening after sambear is home.

Now I have to make another appointment with the orthodontist. It’s time to have the spacer thingy removed and move ahead with the braces. Which means lots more money. None of it is covered by insurance. Have to figure that one out.

It’s time for dance classes to start again. And she’s outgrown her leotard and the shoes bought last spring. Again, lots more money for stuff, registration, and tuition (they require first and last month upfront).

Gosh, doesn’t someone need a freelance tech writer? Or I could write other things. I’m not picky.

We went by the YMCA and got updated membership information. $190 upfront for a family membership, $68 a month. Not something we can do right now.

They do, however, have homeschool swimming classes during the day now. That’s definitely of interest. And a friend called to tell us about a homeschool bowling league that we can afford and that Katie wants to try when it starts up next month. Archery will be back then, too. The more physically active she is, the less pain she has. Very important.

Katie is having one of her not eating days. She’s always had these days, and I know from eleven years of experience that it does no good to try to push her. I don’t want to screw up her relationship with food—mine sucks. She had a breakfast shake this morning (tolerated only because she mixed it with Ovaltine) and finally ate half of a sandwich for lunch. Maybe she’ll be interested in dinner.

She watched about half of the Standard Deviants French I tape from the library. I swear, they covered more in that hour than my high school teacher did in the first several weeks of class. She’s bopping around speaking French to Shelley, who isn’t particularly interested or appreciative.

Yes, she wants to learn French. On the plus side, I can help her with it (but I’m having to do a lot of brushing up). And we have a friend who is fluent in French and willing to work with her, too.

On the minus side, French isn’t particularly useful around here. Spanish, now, that would be useful. She took a Spanish class through a co-op a couple of years ago, but while we really liked the teacher it wasn’t a good method to learn a brand new language (very much an unschooling approach, but not enough time to get far). And she’s just not very interested in Spanish right now. So, French, it is.

I wish we could get the PBS You channel on cable TV. Standard Deviants is broadcast there, but not by our local affiliates. But apparently, it’s a dish-only channel.

Last night, the mother of a child about a month older than Katie said, “Are you sure she’s ready for Shakespeare?” Well, let’s see. She decided she wanted to read it—I didn’t suggest it, push it, assign it, etc. She’s still interested and on her second play. She’s clearly understanding what she reads. I don’t see a “you must be this old to read this author” sign anywhere (and I’d probably ignore it if I did). So what’s left knowing if she’s “ready” anyway?

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