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Katie and I missed our walk this morn­ing because she had a den­tal check-up. All was well—yay! And maybe we’ll get in a walk this evening after sam­bear is home.

Now I have to make anoth­er appoint­ment with the ortho­don­tist. It’s time to have the spac­er thingy removed and move ahead with the braces. Which means lots more mon­ey. None of it is cov­ered by insur­ance. Have to fig­ure that one out.

It’s time for dance class­es to start again. And she’s out­grown her leo­tard and the shoes bought last spring. Again, lots more mon­ey for stuff, reg­is­tra­tion, and tuition (they require first and last month upfront).

Gosh, does­n’t some­one need a free­lance tech writer? Or I could write oth­er things. I’m not picky.

We went by the YMCA and got updat­ed mem­ber­ship infor­ma­tion. $190 upfront for a fam­i­ly mem­ber­ship, $68 a month. Not some­thing we can do right now.

They do, how­ev­er, have home­school swim­ming class­es dur­ing the day now. That’s def­i­nite­ly of inter­est. And a friend called to tell us about a home­school bowl­ing league that we can afford and that Katie wants to try when it starts up next month. Archery will be back then, too. The more phys­i­cal­ly active she is, the less pain she has. Very important.

Katie is hav­ing one of her not eat­ing days. She’s always had these days, and I know from eleven years of expe­ri­ence that it does no good to try to push her. I don’t want to screw up her rela­tion­ship with food—mine sucks. She had a break­fast shake this morn­ing (tol­er­at­ed only because she mixed it with Oval­tine) and final­ly ate half of a sand­wich for lunch. Maybe she’ll be inter­est­ed in dinner.

She watched about half of the Stan­dard Deviants French I tape from the library. I swear, they cov­ered more in that hour than my high school teacher did in the first sev­er­al weeks of class. She’s bop­ping around speak­ing French to Shel­ley, who isn’t par­tic­u­lar­ly inter­est­ed or appreciative.

Yes, she wants to learn French. On the plus side, I can help her with it (but I’m hav­ing to do a lot of brush­ing up). And we have a friend who is flu­ent in French and will­ing to work with her, too.

On the minus side, French isn’t par­tic­u­lar­ly use­ful around here. Span­ish, now, that would be use­ful. She took a Span­ish class through a co-op a cou­ple of years ago, but while we real­ly liked the teacher it was­n’t a good method to learn a brand new lan­guage (very much an unschool­ing approach, but not enough time to get far). And she’s just not very inter­est­ed in Span­ish right now. So, French, it is.

I wish we could get the PBS You chan­nel on cable TV. Stan­dard Deviants is broad­cast there, but not by our local affil­i­ates. But appar­ent­ly, it’s a dish-only channel.

Last night, the moth­er of a child about a month old­er than Katie said, “Are you sure she’s ready for Shake­speare?” Well, let’s see. She decid­ed she want­ed to read it—I did­n’t sug­gest it, push it, assign it, etc. She’s still inter­est­ed and on her sec­ond play. She’s clear­ly under­stand­ing what she reads. I don’t see a “you must be this old to read this author” sign any­where (and I’d prob­a­bly ignore it if I did). So what’s left know­ing if she’s “ready” anyway?

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