A Real Answer to #2

On the 20 questions meme, I couldn’t think of any real answer to #2 ’til allessindra‘s answer jogged my memory.

I learned to play the ukulele in the second grade. The whole class did, and we even had a concert. I still have that little $7 in 1973 ukelele, too. I even have new strings, but never learned to re-string it. I’m hoping someone who knows such things will take pity on me and help.

I’ve also played the piano and flute (well enough that I do remember how to do so), organ (close enough to piano to get it back without too much trouble—the foot pedals might give me a few minutes trouble, though), piccolo, oboe, bassoon, and a little percussion.

Want to build your upper arm muscles? Just carry the big cymbals for a season of marching band. There were two of us, and the guy was supposed to carry those while I carried the smaller set—but he cried. Seriously, cried in front of everyone. I couldn’t stand it, so I took the larger ones away from him.

Now I only use my voice and don’t use that often enough.

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